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Sidney Joel Stokes: Alright everyone after a two week absence Check In Time is BACK and this time you get a bonus….THREE EPISODES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE READ! And just cause we’re so gracious over here at Werrrk.com, you get a bonus with… THE RETURN OF TEAM SJ!!!!! Spencer Joel welcome back to Check In Time

Spencer Joel Williams: Sidney thank you, but unfortunately I never left. You left me die here…

SJS: Honestly…you’ve never looked better.

SJW: Thank you. The blood of blonde children is great for your skin.

SJS: I’ve heard as such, *looks at Poppy* Alright SJ, before the finale, let’s take a look back at the last couple of episodes starting with “She Gets Revenge”

For me, this episode fell in the meh. It seemed like it had to stay in fast forward cause the season didn’t push things along further when they had the chance. It felt more like a rush to get to the finale that was still a whole episode away. I felt nothing happened bit What about you?

SJW: I am not sure how I really felt about this episode. I felt like it was definitely a little fast. But I mean I loved where Liz Taylor ended up in her life in this season. She became a character that was just so fun to love. As for the Gaga and Valentino story, it was a little dumb but all in all, seeing Matt Bohmer and Gaga getting blasted away by the two quirkiest charger during “Hotline Bling” was something I’ll never forget…

SJS: That’s fair. I feel it was all set up for the next one which is where things felt fast. It seems like it was the closest thing to the happy ending.


SJW: I loved Battle Royale to be quite honest! I think the scary relationship of Liz and Iris with Ramona was hilarious considering she was locked in a room full of drained children. I also loved that we got to see into the back story of Sally which was pretty messed up…but John killing Gaga….nope! Not buying what you are selling AHS.

SJS:I like the episode cause it gave Gaga a chance to be different. Be vulnerable. Her being upset about the kids didn’t do it for me but loved that Gaga held her own in a scene with Sarah Paulson. When it ended with the John I was checked out. I mean, they couldn’t kill Gaga but the way she “went out” but it was he corner where they wrote themselves into. Also another use of Angela Bassett, where, for no reason, she made up with her enemy. Oh well, we should just be happy we get free Angela Bassett

SJW: Can we talk about how they going to change my end fantasy of Coven?
SJS: Oh yeah…lol….they killed Queenie.
SJW: It was hilarious! But still I was so shocked! I got my life though because I will always be a coven fan.
SJS: I definitely didn’t see it coming. Course, we were denied the Supreme showing up.

SJS: How do you feel they wrapped everything up?
SJW:  It had me smiling the whole time. I think the way they ended it on a happy note was actually cool and quite unexpected. It’s not often that a cancer story ends in a good way on this show.. Right Jessica?

SJS: It was fun. I think it feel victim to the typical AHS finale where the moment wasn’t earned by everything leading up to it. I still enjoyed it though. Had a lot of fun.

SJW: You’ll never be satisfied will you Sidney?
SJS: Watch Buffy and we can up your standards of finales.

SJS: What was your favorite part?
SJW: My favorite part was literally knowing all of these characters ended up happy! It’s so uncommon on this show! I felt good and they felt good.
SJS: It did ave a happy ending, didn’t it? It felt like “Murder House” a tad, but that’s ok. I think It was definitely fun.
SJW: I love knowing that Gaga will live in eternity being a bad bitch at this bar. That was definitely something I can dream about.
SJS: I assumed she does that anyways.

SJS: What was your least favorite part?
SJW: Why the hell did this finale become about season 1 Sarah Paulson? It was cute at first but this was dragged on 15 minutes too long.
SJS: HAHA! Right?! WTF Was that? I mean I’m all for more Paulson *looks at Freakshow* but if she can give a character meaning.


SJS: I think, a missed opportunity to play up the dark and lighter side. The finale showed us this. Where we need to root for these awful people. The imbalance caused us to always root for the least awful. John and Alex might have been the worst couple on tv. From the way they were written to the way they were performed. Garbage. I respect both actors less as a result of their performances.

SJW:I love Sarah Paulson to death and I am honestly going to watch this O.J show just for her and David Schummer. But this new random storyline was just unnecessary. I liked it at first but then I was like “okay and….what?”
SJS: It was for sure not her best season.
SJW: John and Alex were…wow.
SJS: We dont need to speak of them any further. We’re done with them now.
SJW: I just found out his name was John this episode.

SJS: What satisfied you most about this season.
SJW: But everyone else on the cast this year did really well! The best we’re definitely Gaga, Kathy, and Sarah, but Dennis O’Hare was the season MVP. I am picking Dennis while trying to keep my little monster voice down
SJS: You are making the right call on this. Gaga probably agrees. One more person that was in my top 3 was Evan Peters. This was his best character. It showed that he doesn’t need to be in a love story. Marsh might have been one of the funnest characters.

SJW: Yes!! Free at last, free at last! Thanks god we are free at last. No more love stories for Even Peters…kind of but this year was way toned down and it made all the difference for me.
SJS: One thing I loved about the finale was that the AHS Mainstays got to lead and shine. Yes, Gaga was a great infusion of new blood, we don’t know her future. I loved the “Meeting” because it felt like the most natural of all the moments.

SJS: What do you want to see next season?
SJW: Oh my favorite question.. My answer is now very simple because I have not been fully satisfied in this department.This season… I got horror, sex, new characters, old characters, a modern storyline, hell I even got Lady Gaga. Next season, I want an Emmy worthy lead actress season from Sarah Paulson. It’s time she takes the reigns for a season. With Jessica gone, I want Sarah to take the glory. If not, give the crown to Angela. I could not be happier with this season and I have nothing but high hopes for the next. Just don’t bring back the guy who played John Lowe… he is done.

SJS: I think next season I will want consistency in story telling. I got closer to it this season, well closer than years past but I want to see something unique and different or I want to see a finale for the fans. This season was fun but it was kind of like season one in a lot of ways which is kinda, well, scary, for a show that, in theory, shouldn’t need to borrow from itself. I feel AHS is losing its luster and it needs to fully go for it or give us long time viewers something fun to end with. I had fun at the Hotel, I just need something more than “YASSSSSSS!”

SJW: That is very fair. I think Ryan is working out the kinks and I think after this season, he knows what works… And what doesn’t.
SJS: He’s had 5 seasons of television, the kinks, like the ghosts, are here to stay.
SJW: Sidney…you have a jawline for days.
SJS: Well played.

American Horror Story: Hotel, in summation:


American Horror Story: Hotel, in summation (Spencer Edition):
“Gaga yasssss I love that gown! Omg you look so good! Omg Gaga why are you so perfect?! Why do all of these guys look the same? Denis where is your Emmy! Gaga yassss!”

SJS: Alright SJ, thank you for helping close out this season with me. See ya in the fall….happy haunting.
SJW: Ahem… You will be seeing me in April… Winter is coming.
SJS: Sure will! Ugh…we kinda rock. I don’t care what Chiffon and Poppy Say! We’ll be the Liz and Iris of this site….just as soon as we can decide which one of us is Liz.
SJW: I’ll settle for being Angela Bassett feeding on children in the basement.
SJS: That’s your stuff.

Keep stylish & geek.

-Team SJ.

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