Chiffon Dior: Head Diva In Charge

Long rumored to be an illegitimate love child, spawned by a drug infused night of passion between Joyce Dewitt and David Crosby, Chiffon Dior’s earliest days remain shrouded in mystery. What is known is that due to a paperwork error, the abandoned infant somehow wound up being dropped off on the doorstep of a burlesque house rather than the adoption agency that she was supposed to be taken to. The kindly burlesque dancers took the young child in and raised her as one of their own.

As she moved into adulthood, she achieved her greatest success as a writer, interviewing such luminaries as Michelle Visage, Pandora Boxx, Deven Green, Jack Mackenroth, Jade Jolie, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and many more. Eager for a new challenge, she created, a site dedicated to covering, well….pretty much anything she finds interesting.

Now today, old enough to have to lie about her age yet still young enough to make the lie somewhat believable, Chiffon and her team look towards the future, hopeful of all of the challenges and opportunities that stand before them.

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