AHS: Sidney’s Check-In Time ~ The Ten Commandments Killer & She Wants Revenge

“The Ten Commandments Killer”

Oh wow, so the normal format for this really is out the window considering the format for this episode.

The Most Marvelous

Evan Peters –Evan Peters on this show, holy damn. He has chemistry with everyone it seems. was the only thing worth raving about this episode. It seems like the show has finally given him something that he can work with and not have to worry about also carrying a love story. In fact, he gives you the antithesis of a love story. He gives you a hate story. He hates the world around him and wants to bring others into his madness. They needed to focus more on that, but instead it chose to go with being…

Look, American Beauty is one of my favorite films of all time. If you haven’t seen it, it’s MANDATORY. THAT SAID, Wes Bentley is not a right fit for this show just cause he’s a broody. The character has been presented as a standard cop trope and even with this new twist, it’s kind of like, ok, well I barely cared about him prior to this, why should I care for him now, cause he’s self aware? No. I think not. It seems like the whole character for him was this, but considering he’s been useless for 7 episodes prior, it’s a tad too late to care.

The Ten Commandments Killer, in Summation

You can go to the bathroom, oh this is a John episode. Crazy looking suspended cops can just walk around police precincts. John doesn’t act drunk. $5000.00 for a legit Academy Award seems a tad low, especially on craigslist. John should have been suspended a while ago. Iris is actually a dedicated employee.

“She Wants Revenge”

The Most Marvelous
Kathy Bates and Gaga are tremendous together. You can tell they are both trying. Maybe Gaga is trying more to keep up, but Bates is so good she can keep Gaga in check at the right times. Liz Taylor is just so perfect, her objection earned her her spot here as does Denis O’Hare, week after week. Performances aside, the costumes this season as so wonderful. THey aren’t just something that adds to the overall atmosphere, they feel as important as the characters that wear them.

Ok, You May Proceed
The Ramona stuff was really interesting because when Angela Bassett acts, you pay attention. The thing is, why do we care? Sure it’s cool to see more of the world, but the show, as it did with last season, hasn’t given us a reason to care about her character. Considering the talent, it really is a waste of a talented performer. The Countess remains intriguing, and I’m indifferent to her story with Rudy Valentino, it seems like an odd choice to explain her infatuation with men and 9 episodes in we should know a tad more of her.

Alex, dear Lord in heaven. I miss shows that when the character died, we never saw them again. Kid vampires mean more kid actors which means lame AF. Will Drake is such a terrible character too. Obviously he’s not supposed to matter but they could have done more, oh well, not our problem anymore. “Hate Watch” really? Yes, they made that subtext here. Guess Ryan Murphy is really not cool with how long people hate watched Glee….or even this show.

She Wants Revenge, in summation.

The Countess gives approximately zero fucks. We want to see Liz Taylor vs The Countess be the focal point of the show. The show forgot that Children of the Corn was the only time kid killers was done well, it should have remembered. We coulda seen more from the male porn star tbqh. Ramona has a backstory that you never asked for. Rudy Valentino clearly forgives. This show does no favors for bisexuals. Will Drake never reacted to the fact his wife was married to this guy he’s following. The Countess likes to watch.

Ok, so this show broke an AHS record, longest consistentcy before starting to veer off course, though I maintain it can course correct.

Keep geek.


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