The Carter Files: The Blitzkrieg Button


Agent Carter-
The Blitzkrieg Button

This show remains wonderful. This week we got action, suspense, Nazis, and a bit of all with a twist.

The story remains so engaging, that we were able to take a break from the Carter/Jarvis show and it felt so fresh. Normally a show wouldn’t need a freshen up but this is a limited series, so the pace feels fantastic and making it all so much more exciting.


How fun is Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark? I mean…it’s really kind of wonderful how he can make an already cool scene turn on the dime for the better. Considering he is only occasional character his chemistry with Carter is pitch perfect. It’s also pretty damn impressive how much he is able to channel Robert Downey,Jr’s, Tony Stark. Part of me thinks Peggy Carter turns out to be Tony’s mother…but that might be too much…um…connecting.

One thing, at this point, that is weigh the show down. I need to see more from these group of cops, while they are really doing well, they are doing the same thing, they seem to just be filling time until something big happens.

In summation, The Blitzkrieg Button, has told us.

“Drag queens can’t event enter a scene like Peggy Carter. We’re ALL wanting to see Dominic Cooper and Robert Downey, Jr share the screen, right? What’s the T with these Taxi Dancehalls, tho Miss Griffith? Howard Stark invented the selfie. No one trusts that new blonde chick, right? Peggy is STILL not over Steve and neither would you…you saw that body. Oh blonde chick….we never trusted ye. STAN LEE! We get the Howling Commandos next week and nothing else will matter till then.”

Short though this run is, this show makes me excited to tune in every week. Feels like a 1940s serial.

Keep geek.


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