The Carter Files – The Iron Ceiling


Agent Carter-
The Iron Ceiling

This episode was a lot of fun. It pushed forward the story in a massive way and considering we are halfway through and entering the home stretch, the pace feels right on point and this was a great way to get through the big stuff about to happen. I wish more shows would learn to pace themselves like this show.

It was so great to see the Howling Commandos be used again. They were so good in Captain America: The First Avenger that it felt like a loss we didn’t see more of them. This was a brilliant way to get more and I hope there are more ways to use them later on.


I’m so happy the SSR agents are finally getting stuff to do and it looks, based on the preview, that they are REALLY going to have something big as we enter the last bit of the show.

The chemistry between Carter and Jarvis is off the charts good. It is awesome that they took it to a more broken level this week and it still felt fresh and great. The two actors are fully responsible for how well this relationship works.

The Iron Ceiling, in summation:
“Gays have a similar training process as those Russian Girls…save for the necksnapping…that’s replaced with reading. GIRL POWER! We’re still not sure why it’s called a bowler. (SOVIET) Girl Power! There’s a leak in the SSR…isn’t there? This little girl is the most annoying assassin ever. You do NOT want Peggy to get cross with you. 50 Shades of Dottie? We should have a Howling Commando’s show.”

This episode truly feel’s like a transitional episode. It feels like the bridge between the story they started telling us and the story they WANT to tell us. I’m very excited to see what the final three episodes have in store for us because I feel it’s gonna be truly great stuff.

Keep geek.


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