The Carter Files – A Sin to Err


Agent Carter-
A Sin to Err

What an exciting hour of television. Let me say again, what an absolutely exciting hour of television.

One thing that has come up signifigantly, is how they are using the other agents in such a great way that really make them feel like they have always been essential, because as we are seeing, they really are.

This episode had a really great dark side, especially with Dr. Ivchecnko involvement. They way they kept bringing the show back to him, with the eventual payoff to what he wanted to do. Stakes have been truly raised.


The actress is who is playing Dottie deserves some props for her ability to go from sweet to evil in the blink of an eye. The way they light her makes it look so very perfect 1940s femme fatale. On the lighter side of things, Lindsey Fonseca is doing some truly awesome work here and I hope there is a big pay off for her. It almost seems like she is being poised to join S.H.I.E.L.D when it is eventually formed.

Lastly, Hayley Attwell is an absolute badass. Her takedown of all SSR agents was so nice to watch with an even better subtext to overcoming her male colleagues. Her current relationship with Jarvis feels different still, in a great way, I’m sure we have one more evolution coming to where they trust each other again.

A Sin to Err, in summation:

“ABC pulled those Russian accents out of their Alias stuff. Tony Stark’s mother could be literally anyone. That is exactly what we all think happens before we get into the dentist’s chair. Ginger Rogers is the devil….allegedly. Glad to know that Peggy Carter can throw disc like objects at people, wonder where she learned that. ‘Crutch faster!’ Umm….rude! Someone gave this Russian queen a library card, apparently. Those telephone company girls tho…apparently. Angie will totally be a S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Hollywood needs to find more to do with Lindsey Fonseca.”

This episode was easily the most fun and badass one yet. It was done in such a a cool way that by the end of it, I was wanting more and more.

Keep geek.


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