Drag Queens

Kelly Mantle’s Keyboard Courage

November 9, 2015 Chiffon Dior 0

Chiffon Dior: Hey Kelly! I’m glad we’re getting to sit down and dish a little again. Welcome to the new and improved WERRRK.com! We’ve spruced up the place since last time we talked. How are […]

Beyond the Face Interview

Beyond the Face: Delilah LaMont

July 22, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

Sidney Stokes: Delilah LaMont! You are the latest superstar to grace the rainbow walkways of WeHo, so I just have to know….who the hell are you and how did you get in my house? Delilah […]

Conquering the World

Conquering the World……with Max

July 7, 2015 Courtney Conquers 0

Ever since she walked through the workroom door on Rupaul’s Drag Race looking like the queen of England’s more stylish younger sister, drag fans have been completely enamored with Max. If you thought the most […]