What if Drag Race Took Place in the 90’s?



What if. They’re two of the most broad and most powerful words in the English language. Just by asking what if, you can speculate on significant changes to history. What if people had stood up to Adolph Hitler rather than appeasing him prior to World War II? What if the United States never invaded Iraq? What if the powers-that-be at E! television never green lighted a single Kardashian show?

The world as we know it could be very different. Today we’re going to start a new journey together based on the what if question, “What if Drag Race Took Place in the 90s?”, specifically the early 1990’s. The world was very different then. Bill Clinton was just settling into his presidency. The internet was not yet a part of our everyday lives. The words google, instagram and grindr didn’t mean anything to anyone yet. But there was a thriving drag scene, especially in New York City.

Now just suppose some forward thinking television producer has an idea for a competition show involving drag queens from around the country. Now sure, it easily could have wound up on public access television following The Robin Byrd Show but for the sake of this story, let’s imagine that VH-1 decides to gamble on this new show, agreeing to air it late in the evening at 11pm.

The newly christened “Drag Race” show would need a cast so they’d have to go across the country to find the best and most TV friendly drag queens they could find. This is where our series is going to begin. What would the cast look look like? Who would be host and judges? Who would emerge victorious? Every day or so, we will announce a new member of the cast until we’ve filled out the entire roster. Then you, the readers, will vote, sending one queen home each week until we can finally crown the winner!

So without further adieu, let’s announce the first contestant on our new 90’s edition of Drag Race…….


Well this is no shocker, it’s RuPaul herself! In the early nineties, RuPaul had worked her way up from the club scene in Georgia and was a rising star in New York City. Her big breakout hit song “Supermodel (You Better Work)” was about to debut. As she was on the verge of stardom, there is no doubt that Ru would be one of the first queens that our hypothetical show would go after.

Since we’re on a roll, let’s look at the second contestant on our show……..

Lyp-red c u  (2)_clipped_rev_3

It’s Lipsynka, aka the drag artist alter ego of actor and pianist John Epperson! Lipsinka debuted in New York City in 1988, performing at renowned 90’s hot spots, Club 57 and the Pyramid Club. In the early 90’s, Lipsinka was a star on both the drag and cabaret scenes, making her a no-brainer for the show. Best know for flawlessly lip syncing incredibly complex and meticulously edited numbers, Lipsynka is surely one to watch in this competition!

So that gives us our first two queens for the show. Let us know who else you would like to see on this hypothetical show in the comment section below! As we get closer to crowning a winner, there will be another contest announced as well! Keep an eye out tomorrow for the announcement of the next competitor!

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