EP 190 – Dr. Jen and Sister Indica in: THE PETTY TWINS – JOY BOMB with Sister Indica

Hi Friends,

I’m back with more of the BEST of JOY BOMB with Sister Indica! On EP 190 I am joined by Dr. Jen from Atomic Cosmetics / Xerion Skin Care and together, we are THE PETTY TWINS! We talk about how unbelievably petty we both are, the history of Dr. Jen’s companies, Atomic Cosmetics’ shift away from the drag community, misogyny in the gay community and how we can all survive the Trump presidency – PLUS MORE! Always more!

Your Homegurl for Life™,

Sister Indica

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Sister Indica is many things: Senior Nunsense Correspondent for WERRRK.com (where she is known for her Sister Indica Says column), sweet and sour host of the hit LGBT podcast JOY BOMB, and supreme leader of Ello’s “Ello Drag” community…but above all that, she is Your Homegurl for Life™.

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