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Chiffon Dior: Hi there Sherry! Thank you for talking with me today. Assuming you’ve recovered from the trauma of being eliminated from our little 90’s Drag Race series, how are you doing this evening?

Sherry Vine: Hi darling. I have recovered. Actually, I didn’t even know. *laughs* Monday is usually my night to lie in bed and catch up on my stories. *laughs* I worked hard all day so I can have a guilt free night of Penny Dreadful and The Strain.

CD: For those youngsters who might not be as familiar with your work as they should be, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started?

SV: Well, I have been performing as Sherry for twenty two years! There have been many chapters. It all started in LA dressing up for fun, then moving to NYC to start a theatre company, Theatre Couture. That led to performing in clubs. Met Joey Arias and started working at Bar d’O which led to working all over the world. Moved to Berlin for 3 years. Returned to NYC and started creating videos for YouTube which led to more work around the world and now I’m beginning the next chapter – film! *laughs*


CD: My first exposure to you was when I read the book, “The Drag Queens of New York: An Illustrated Field Guide”. As I recall, the author of that book spoke rather glowingly about you and your potential as a queen even though you were still fairly new to the scene at that point. How did that make you feel at the time when you read it? Knowing how jealously can crop up, was there any negativity from more established queens towards you after that came out?

SV: I was very flattered. I was still quite new to the drag scene in NYC so that was a big boost. Honestly, most of the queens in that book are friends. Mistress (Formika) and Candis (Cayne), who were on the cover, were and still are two of my best friends. And I adore Mona (Foot). I don’t like spotlighting jealousy or negativity between the queens because I don’t feel that it’s real. We, for the most part, are close and supportive of each other. It’s more of a sorority and the press wants it to be a cat fight.

CD: If a show like Drag Race had actually been on in the early nineties like we’ve been speculating about, how do you think it would have been received? Fan votes aside, how do you think you would have done? Of the girls who are left (RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Miss Coco Peru and Lypsinka) , assuming this were a real show, who do you think would be the favorite to win?

SV: If a show like Drag Race was around in the 1990’s I’m sure we all would have been on it and I’m sure we all would have had fun!! Yes it’s a competition but in the end I’d be happy for the success of any of my friends. As I am now – I couldn’t be happier for Bianca del Rio. She’s a dear friend and deserves the success she’s having. Even if it was down to me and Jackie, I would want to win and give it my all but if Jackie won I would be nothing but happy for my best friend winning! Also, if it was a real show we would all have been on it by choice and have an opportunity to perform or compete before voting.

CD: In recent years, you’ve become quite renowned for your parody songs, going after pop icons like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. What attracted you to that musical niche? What goes into making a good parody? Do you have any future songs lined up?

SV: I first saw video parodies from Mila Jam and Jackie Beat and wanted to jump on that YouTube train. It was the perfect medium for me because I am very theatrical and love production, film, team work, etc. Some videos require a great deal of work and preparation, like the Telephone parody. While others we kind of throw together on a green screen in an hour, like Grindr Queen. We have to realistically decide which ones will have a big impact, like a new Gaga or Katy Perry song vs. the ones that are maybe older or less known that we know probably won’t achieve viral status so we don’t invest the same amount of time or money. I have a few ideas and will keep the wheel turning but I really want to focus on transitioning into film. We have three movies we want to make!

CD: Let’s talk about the project that is nearest and dearest to your heart right now, the fundraiser for the film you and Francis Legge are trying make happen, “Just For One Day”. What can you tell us about the film and how can people help make it a reality?

SV: Just For One Day is the film Francis Legge and I want to start with. It’s a short indie with a very low budget because we think we can make a funny short for a little bit of coins! *laughs* It’s James Bond meets Carol Burnett. Sherry Vine decides to retire from show business and enter the world of international espionage. The goal would be for this to have a strong presence in the film festival world and online with the hopes we can raise more money to make a feature length film. Sooo we really need people to help make our dream come true. Hopefully, this will be successful and next time we won’t have to ask for money – someone will write us a check! *laughs* (To help contribute to “Just For One Day”, click here!)

CD: Thank you so much for making the time to talk with me Sherry! I really hope “Just For One Day” becomes a reality and you’ll back to talk with us about it before the premier! Do you have any final words of wisdom for the readers?

PT: Thank you Chiffon! I really appreciate your support!

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