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Hello everyone and Happy October! October is one of my favorite months because of the upcoming holiday, Halloween. Yes, that means a crap ton of candy, messy Target aisles, and my favorite… an excuse to watch nothing but scary movies. I would much rather spend the month watching scary movies than dressing up like a slutty Donald Trump and get drunk in WeHo. You can do that any old time. Fortunately for you, I am here today to list to you my Top 10 favorite Scary movies right now to give you some inspiration for this coming month! Lets get started!



Don’t Breathe is one of the more recent films I have seen. My mother made me go with her before I went and saw Culture Club at the Hollywood Bowl and let me tell you, this movie set a weird vibe for my whole night. It is TERRIFYING. This movie is a simple concept. Three dirty-rotten rugrats break into a blind-vet’s house to steal a ton of money. Turns out he is straight out crazy with some seriously dirty secrets that I dare not even mention. This movie is a prefect recipe for an anxiety attack so if you are in the mood for that, this is your movie.



You can never go wrong with the late Wes Craven classic, Scream. This is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s the perfect thriller. The aesthetic of this movie makes me so happy. Courtney Cox is amazing in this movie. I can watch this movie year-round really. It’s no wonder you still see people with the “Ghost-Face” mask on Halloween. No, I do not recommend that poor quality MTV reboot.


Insidious 3

Oh my god, I love Insidious 3. Easily one of the scariest movies made in years. One great thing about it is that you don’t need to see the prior Insidious movies to know what is going on. This movie follows a young girl who is basically tormented to death by this creepy demon. Concept is simple. But the way they introduce the demon is incredible. Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps.When you watch, keep an eye out for small signs in the beginning. The movie has subtle nightmare-worthy moments.


The Silence of the Lambs

We all love The Silence of the Lambs. Jodie Foster is incredible in this movie. But lets not forget the terrifying monster that Anthony Hopkins portrayed or even better yet… Buffalo Bill. “It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again.” Those famous words will forever be cringe-worthy making this a perfect film to watch this October.


The Forest

I just saw this film a couple of weeks ago. It’s a story about  a girl played by Margaery Tyrell…errrrr I mean Natalie Dormer. She travels to the Aokigahara Forest in Japan to find her twin sister who has been reported missing. Unfortunately, the forest is a known suicide forest so the whole experience of looking for her is creepy experience. The ending is a tad cheesy but the content throughout is worth the watch.


The Thing

Oh, how I love “The Thing“. This movie is so genius. Not only do you need to be worried about being hunted by a man-hungry alien, but you should also be concerned that your neighbor (or your dog) is actually already consumed by this monster and is just waiting for you to slip-up so you can be devoured. I have seen this movie 100,000 times and it gets better each time. Don’t forget to bring a coat.


The Shallows

I love shark movies. I am one of the biggest fans of Jaws so I was so excited for this movie to come out. I know what you are thinking… Gossip Girl and sharks? Yes, the movie has some cheesy parts but actually it is a pretty graphic, terrifying movie. I loved it! The shark deserves and Oscar for this movie because he did an excellent job. Bravo! But honestly, watch this movie it is worth it unlike what your initial thoughts are telling you.


The Witch

Oh how I love this movie. I am a huge fan of old New England witch stories. This movie encompasses just about every witch-like element into it. So if you are fan of the witch trials of Salem, folktales, or even American Horror Story Coven… this movie will appeal to you. It is a beautifully put together movie that has a sense of silence and tension from beginning to end. There is so much suspense and the location is just so eerie. You will love it.

conjuringpostersmallThe Conjuring 2

By far one of my favorite horror movies. The Conjuring 2 exceeded by expectations and was even better than the first film. Vera Farmiga is an amazing actress in these movies as Lorraine Warren. This movie picks up in the midst of the famous Amityville Horror controversy and even includes so reenactments of famous photographs taken from the actual scene. But then we move on to the famous Enfield Haunting. This s*** is straight up crazy and scary. The perfect Halloween movie. I recommend to my fullest potential.


The Strangers

Last but certainly not least, one of my favorite horror flicks. The Strangers is a movie inspired by true events of real home invasions. This movie is the prefect creepy to be quite frank. Just looking at the movie poster above is enough to make you shiver. Liv Tyler does a really good job I must say. This movie will make you get up afterwards and check three times that your front door and everything else is locked.

 There are my top ten movie recommendations for this Halloween! Get to watching everyone and remember to tell us YOUR favorite movies in the comments! Hey, I need suggestions too..? My DVR is ready. Have a spooky October everyone!


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