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Chiffon Dior: Hello ladies! I’m thrilled to be talking with the infamous O’Debra Twins! Tanya, it’s good to talk to you again. Diane, its nice to meet you. How are you both doing today?

Tanya O’Debra – We’re spectacular!

Diane O’Debra – Just being super awesome as always. Filled with tender emotions and rainbows.

CD: So let’s cut to the chase! When I spoke with Tanya last year about her hugely successful NYC Fringe Festival hit, “The Ultimate Stimulus” (Relive that glorious interview here!), when asked if she was the the good or the bad twin, she suggested that she herself was in fact the “mean twin”. Diane, would you care to either confirm or dispute that?

D – Of course! Her heart is as cold as the Donner family but she’s a much more functional than me. I like to eat pizza. That bitch gets shit done. Also, I always have a twin snuggle ready for her when she needs warmth.

CD: Seeing that you’re both accomplished performers, can you share a little bit of your background in the entertainment biz with us?

T – Since you mentioned “The Ultimate Stimulus”, I can share some exciting news. I was nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance. Besides that, Diane and I have been preforming sketch comedy together for many years, and just generally being gross and weird on any stage possible.

D – Tanya and I hosted the SHOW & TELL open mic for years, so many years that we probably could’ve raised delinquent teens by the end of it if we had played our cards right. Maybe we did aid in raising many a delinquent adult, though. I then ran a fun comedy burlesque show called “Skits n Tits”. I went on a couple tours in Europe performing stand up wherever anyone would let me, but at the end of the day, I always come back home to Tanya. No one makes me laugh like she does, so Hawaiian Nights is a very exciting opportunity to bullshit and giggle with her and our funny friends.


Question: Condragulations on that amazing news Tanya! So I’m very excited to reveal the reason that we’re all here today, to announce that your popular show on Radio Free Brooklyn, “Hawaiian Nights” will soon be available right here on NotSafe4Werk.com! How did “Hawaiian Nights” come about? Did you approach Radio Free Brooklyn or did they approach you two?

T – We are always trying to think of ways to get people to listen to us and look at us, and Diane had the idea to do a podcast. We recorded a few episodes, but neither of us is super technically oriented. So when Tom Tenney from Radio Free Brooklyn approached us to do a show, it was kind of a no-brainer. He presses all the buttons, and we get to just flap our big mouths.

D – Tanya and I wanted to do a podcast and we couldn’t think of anything sillier than just basically pretending we were in Hawaii having a slumber party with all of the people we love and respect, so we threw on some leis, purchased some coconut Malibu rum and Googled teen quizzes. Recipe for success as far as I’m concerned.

CD: What can the fans of NotSafe4Werk.com expect from their upcoming “Hawaiian Nights”?

T – Things get very loose on our show. You can expect our guests to really spill some good beans about their teenaged years.

D – Hopefully I will finally learn how to spell Hawaii, and Tanya and I might finally get to have a seance with Corey Haim in an actual Hawaiian volcano. Dreams can come true.

CD: Thank you both for joining me today. I’m so thrilled that you’re bringing “Hawaiian Nights” to our site so we can expose the two of you to a new audience! I think you’re both tremendously talented so I’m very happy to say, welcome to the NS4W family! If you have any shameless plugs, go for it!

D – I’m single.

T – Of course, check out RadioFreeBrooklyn.com. And tanyaodebra.com Thank you for having us!! Mwah!!

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