Knowing Cait – Episode VI


This episode might have been the best and most important one yet. It was solely focused on one goal. telling trans stories, and did so in two parts:

Dating in the Trans Community
The through-line of the episode focused upon the experience of dating when one is transsexual, and it wasn’t necessarily “sugar-coated.” Also, the spotlight wasn’t solely on Cait this episode, likely because Cait hasn’t had a relationship since her transition; so Chandi and Candis related their stories and testimonials instead. I’m so glad the producers took the risk and chose to focus on the stories of real trans women, rather than cutting this because the “star” isn’t driving the narrative.


Trans Youth
After some time spent on trans adults, the episode shifted to focus on trans youth. Hearing the stories of these young people and seeing the good that is being done because of their efforts is so heartwarming and refreshing. I believe that the use of this show to showcase these stories and experiences is further proof of its importance. I would love a high profile docuseries to follow trans lives like this.

Episode Six, in Summation:
“Cait’s assistant is pitching a show called ‘Put the Straight Cis Guy On the Spot.’ This guy had no clue he was gonna be put on the spot…poor…wait who is this guy again? Wait, why is Cait allowed back with her, cause I’m pretty sure that’s super illegal? Tonight half of WeHo was on the VMAs and the other half was on ‘I Am Cait.’ #Progress. Glad a bunch of people are telling Caitlyn how she feels. There needs to be more camps like that in the world. Cait will at some point slap a bitch if they keep surprising her with stuff. With all these cars, Caitlyn is my favorite Bond girl.”

Love this episode and if you want more information about the camp on the show, please go here.

Ok all, penultimate episode next week!

Keep geek.


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