Knowing Cait – ‘Family Interference’


Tonight’s episode had a definitive storyline; but I think halfway through, the story editor forgot what it was because he realized that this show is “I Am Cait,” not “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

In order to resolve this, he tried to make it a hybrid, and the final product suffered.  However,  Cait’s continuing journey helped the “voice” of the show to shine through.  This was evident in a fantastic moment during “the late night chat” – a key point in any sleepover. The discussion regarding what makes a great ally and transgender “adolescence” was a great way to enlighten the audience to a reality trans people face all day, every day.


Listening to stories from teens who give a positive voice to trans youth might have been one of the best parts of this episode, and seeing parents presented in the light of love gave me goosebumps – I cannot “gush” enough about that scene. I hope it helped someone out there, and I want to believe that the stories and testimonies are rooted in reality.

As the important points ended, events kept returning to “Kardashian land” with Khloe confronting Cait about how she talked about Chris Jenner. I won’t get into the “who was right or wrong” debate, because that shouldn’t be the point; the confrontation ended and it seemed to be resolved. My hope is that if these are indeed real issues – good, and I’m glad they are being addressed because it makes Cait more relatable.  If they are faux issues, then they had no place in this episode.

Family Interference, in summation:

“Paparazzis are the stuff of nightmares. Kim Kardashian has different water than the rest of us because…of course she does. Khloe only speaks with “a tone” to all family. Cait’s assistant wears that poncho jumper out in public. I wanna believe Candis Cayne has a cellar of fine wines. Cait is adorably awkward. Kate Bornstein is a delight, brilliant, and people – please LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY ABOUT ALLIES! Cait’s house really is SUPER reclusive. The parent who said, ‘If you have a transgender kid, you are living with a unicorn! An amazing human being!’ is the perfect example of what a parent should be. Even though they worked things out, Khloe wanted to mop that bag so hard.”

Let’s see where next week takes us.

Keep geek.


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