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Tonight’s episode was a vast departure, in the best way, from last week. It felt less Keeping up with the Kardashians and much more like Cait. Let me get what wasn’t for me outta the way first.

What Wasn’t for Me

A very important thing that this show focused on was the reaction from a newly transitioned woman seeing her “guy friends” for the first time and we were presented with two examples of this. One was a problem because of who he is, and the other was a problem because the show “tried too hard.” You see, we all know Scott – sadly – from Keeping up with the Kardashians. He’s like the product of lightning hitting a douchebag baby and a rat covered in Grey Goose. He seemed fine with Cait, but sat there and made it seem like he INVENTED being a trans ally. So yay! – he’s accepting (we never thought he wouldn’t be).

Caitlyn’s second male friend was a guy at a hobby shop. This didn’t work because it was rather obvious the guy didn’t know Caitlyn, and probably barely even knew Bruce. My issue with this is that the show is fabricating situations and, as a result, taking time away that could be more “on message;” because when the show IS “on message,” it does what our next segment is called…

Gives Me Life

Possibly one of the most important truths presented in this episode was a reality that many people might not realize: that the G, L, and B often neglect the T when it comes to advocacy. If we can get the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community to embrace and accept ALL of the trans community the way they have Caitlyn Jenner, so much greatness can occur.


Truly though, I loved ALL of the advocacy stuff here – what it meant, that it amplified the message, and that it taught Cait a lesson from which other people can learn.  It is “goosebumps-inducing” when I consider how much this show has the ability to communicate information in so many ways. I hope as we get closer to the conclusion of the series, they focus more on the advocacy, because it has the potential to do so much good.

Take Pride, in summation:

You can admit it, you wanna party at Casa de Caitlyn. Candis Cayne ALWAYS gives legs for days, and months, and years. Scott Disick is ALWAYS gonna be a leaching douche for days, and months, and years. You were so excited when Chandi showed back up. This seafood restaurant decor though. That penthouse though. When the other girls salon about Cait, without Cait, it feels like when Daenerys’ council salons about Daenerys without her…just ways to prep her for the Queendom. Patricia Fields is nutty, wonderful, and all I wanna do is hang around her and listen to her speak. That rainbow gem skirt is still the best Caitlyn look. Caitlyn….move to NYC…you seem like that is where you wanna be…do you girl?”

Another solid episode with a great message to close out the weekend. If you didn’t see the website at the end of the episode, follow this link here.

Til next time.

Keep geek.


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