The Interview: JizzaBella


Chiffon Dior: Hi there JizzaBella! Do I call you Jizza or Jizzy or Jizz for short?

JIzzaBella: Jizzy many call me, especially if we are on friendly level which we are.

CD: Perfect! How are you doing my dear? Are you glad this awful, awful winter seems to have subsided? knocks wood

JB: Ughhh, it needs to become summer already so I can rest my lady bits out on the beach on Fire Island!

CD: I agree. I always think drag is a nighttime, fall-winter sport but endless snow and ice don’t mix with seven inch platforms.

JB: Nooo! Like winter and fall can be good for Drag because we don’t sweat as much…but these cab rides adds up to like these air conditioning bills, not cute! laughs

CD: So basically whatever the season, we’re screwed one way or another….metaphorically speaking of course.

JB: Well, I hope I screw in every season…I never like to get screwed…unless it is a challenge, metaphorically speaking of course.


CD: Of course! So let’s hop in the Delorean and go back in time a bit shall we? Where are you from originally?

JB: I was born in a city called Schenectady, near Albany (New York).

CD: I’ve heard about this. Apparently people live north of the city. What a concept!

JB: Laughs I am a New Yorker though!

CD: Sure, I mean, I guess TECHNICALLY!

JB: Walk fast…flip people off, cut people off in conversations, ya know! Just kidding! I like listening to people talking but sometimes people do not know when to shut up so you have to say what you have to say and continue with conversation.

CD: Ugh, tell me about it! I have this feeling the queen I’m interviewing today WILL NOT shut up and….oh….um… you were saying?

JB: SHADEEE!!! Laughs Well, thanks for referring to me as my proper title though at least!

CD: I kid, I kid! So tell me, what is your earliest memory of drag….not counting Bugs Bunny of course?

JB: Well, going back, my first exposure to drag, and I actually did not know it was drag, was Too Wong Foo (Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar). I actually thought they were real women and I had a crush on Chi Chi!

CD: A shrink could have a field day sorting THAT one out!

JB: Oh God.I avoid the shrink, for their sake. But going back to the drag memories, as I got older, turned eighteen and went to a drag show at a bar in Rochester. It just wowed me so I signed up for the student drag show at my college and I haven’t taken the heels off since!

CD: Damn, your feet must really stink then gurl!

JB: COME ON! Who washes their dance tights? Its called going to Duane Reade and spraying yourself with body spray and leaving!

CD: Apparently Adore made it popular to have stinky tights after last season of Drag Race. But I refer people to my Instragram where I have a picture of my tights hung out to dry after a good washing! Remember young queens, cleanliness is next to Cherliness!

JB: Very true! No I must wash my tights because they feel so weird if I don’t, makes my skin feel yuck!




CD: What is it in the water in Rochester? Besides you, we have my gal pal Pandora, Darienne and now Kasha coming out of a relatively small city? What’s going on in upstate New York?

JB: Rochester is a very theatrical atmosphere, everyone has an urge to just kick high! Being the home of Kodak, something about it just makes people show their creativity a little more.

CD: I just assumed there was glitter and vodka in the water supply.

JB: Well obviously except I hate GLITTER!

CD: faints

JB: I will wear it but very rarely! I love rhinestones and sparkles but glitter just makes me want to punch people. I guess that is a personal problem!

CD: Circling back to your college days, did you get bitten by the drag bug as the say right away?

JB: As I stated before, I started at the college drag show. My best friend at the time was a drag queen and my mentor in life, a person who I consider like a father to me, Samantha Vega, is a drag queen from Rochester as well…so yes…I guess I got bit by a bug…a good kind though. I may not buy as many boy clothes for myself but I have very nice sequin pieces in my closets!

CD: What were you studying in school?

JB: I started college as Computer Engineering and then switched to Public relations which makes more sense now with my life but I am still a big geek with computers!

CD: It seems like you’ve managed to blend the two with your drag career. You have a really professional looking site, where in addition to the requisite pictures and such, you have your “Hottie of the Week”. Can you talk about how that came about and such for a bit?

JB: Well I feel its important to keep up with social media since that is what everyone is using and I like to try new things which gets me to push my boundaries. I like to stalk people’s pages, people who leave me breathless, so why not interview them! And thank you! I am always looking to add new stuff to my website, to make it look more and more “professional”. I have interviewed many people in person from just chatting to them or even interviewing people on Grindr. Well, Interviewing is what I like to call it! laughs Cameron Rose, my recent hottie, has an interesting story. He’s such a beautiful person on the outside but beautiful person inside as well. He is in Thailand, doing a spirtual retreat and also volunteering and teaching english to people over there. That is truly an angelic person! Beauty does not always come on the outside!

CD: That’s just something ugly people say!

JB: Sit on it and turn! laughs

CD: Laughs So when did you move to New York City and what prompted said move?

JB: As an adult, I moved to NYC in 2013 after college and NYC was where everything in my life…my struggles have lead me to. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere!


CD: So how is that plan working out for you? The scene is pretty crowded for young queens in the city!

JB: I have been doing drag since 2009. Performing in NYC, Fire Island, cities throughout NY state and maintaining an online presence. I feel I have made a name for myself where I have it a little easier than others. I’m not saying it is not hard, but I feel I am able to still get work, at least for now. It has gotten harder of course with all this new blood but that also makes it that more exciting. If life was easy…if Drag was easy, why do it?

CD: For the free poppers?


CD: What changes have you seen in the time that you’ve been a part of the NYC drag scene?

JB: I am seeing a lot more bearded queens, more drag queens in heterosexual scenes, and in general just more excitement for Drag. I use to be more afraid of walking around in Drag or taking the train, now I walk with pride!

CD: With some of the more established queens in the city moving on to new projects and phases in their careers, there is a bit of a vacuum at the top. Who do you think is poised to fill that void?

JB: I hope me! And that was not to sound cocky! I love Drag and performing but I have so many more plans with my drag. The more “established” I get, the more I feel that will establish an authority role for myself which I hope will allow me to be some type of a role model for others. Aside from myself, Marti Gould Cummings. has a great foundation to be a great advocate in our community with his “I don’t give a fuck attitude”, not wearing wigs all the time and doing what he wants on stage and voicing his opinion. I feel he is a good candidate for filling that void. Also there is a new queen in NY named Aquaria. There is just something about her energy, her love for Drag. I have seen videos of her performing.I feel people will love her energy so much that it will pour over and splash on them!



CD:What do you feel that you bring the scene that is unique? What makes JizzaBella stand out from the crowd?

JB: JizzaBella is a loving person and fun person! She doesn’t like people to worry about stuff when they enter the club. She just wants them to have a good time and let Mama Jizz take care of them. I am not always about being in the spotlight. I like sharing it with others and just really getting to know people and being very down to earth. But I feel my failed attempts at making balloon animals in the bathroom stalls, shows that I try and that is all you can do at times in life!

CD: Speaking of JizzaBella, where did that name come from and more importantly, what’s the best way to get it out of a wig?

JB: I originally wanted Jezebel Pleasures but a queen already had Pleasures as a last name. So I wanted something with Jezebel and had an Italian quality to it, so JizzaBella was born! The best way to get it out of a wig is to shoot more jizz on it and rinse! laughs

CD: That’s very Martha Stewart of you!

JB: Well ya know!

CD: You’re also a part of the upcoming “Dragged” documentary that people may have heard about. How did you get involved with that?

JB: I was contacted by the director Christopher Birk. He came to a performance of mine at Boots and Saddle. We spoke about my drag and he was interested. He is wonderful! He has shown an interest in NYC Drag Queens. We have lost a little light on us since all these Drag Race Queens all seem to come from LA or some outliers from Puerto Rico and Florida!



CD: Also, if I recall correctly, you’re one of the NYC queens heading down to Texas for the Austin International Drag Festival. Do you worry that this a redneck trap to get all the drag queens in one place and take ’em out?

JB: The good news is there are a lot of queens going. I will just bring baby wipes…and some flannels, jeans and a cowboy hat…and blend in I am not worried at all. I’ve never been to Texas soI feel this will be a great experience and I am excited to be sharing the stage with Miss Coco Peru! I LIVE FOR HER!

CD: Um, who doesn’t? Coco is a legend!

JB: And also a NYC queen who went off to do something HUGE and she’s not stopping anytime soon!

CD: Nor should she! So we’re nearing the end of the interview me dear, is there anything else you want to plug before we call it an evening wash all this JizzaBella out of our wigs?

JB: Thank you so much for having me! It has been a blast! Please make sure to check out my website and if you do not have a computer or a cellphone but you have a landline, write your number on the bathroom stall. will return your call!

CD:Thank you so much for your time honey! Do you have any final words of wisdom before we call it a night?

JB: You have to know what negativity is before you know what positivity is! Follow your dreams because one day that fantasy will become a reality! Drag has been an experience for me and has changed me so much for the better. I hope your “drag” does the same for you!

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