This week I go “science-fiction” for my camp clip of the week, and just a little bit soft-core porn! Ok…very soft-core – you can see more flesh and fornication nowadays on cable TV than you can in the film featured this week.  However, for its time (1968) it was the epitome of racy; and since its release, it has also been the epitome of camp:


Dont’cha just love that poster?  I’d sure like to have one of those laser guns – it looks like it’s dual-purpose. Yes, Pop Tarts, this is Jane Fonda in her pre- 9 to 5, pre-Workout Video Legend, pre-Academy Award finest – traversing and protecting the galaxy from the forces of evil as Barbarella, a futuristic femme-fatale for the ages.  It’s a rather racy universe too, and one that sounds as fun as all get-out, with places named “The Chamber of Dreams,” “The Labyrinth of Love,” and “The Palace of Pleasure.”  (Wait, that sounds like West Hollywood too…hmmm…anyway…) And any movie with a character named “Dildano” gets my vote.  This is a perfect example of camp at its finest, and everyone was in on the joke.  It’s just fabulous.

Here’s another clip where Barbarella meets the dreamy Pygar – last of a raced of winged-men.  Bonus trivia question:  Which hugely popular band from the 80’s got their name from this movie (or rather, a character in this movie)?

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