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In the world we live in now, we have so many people who want to steer things in one way or another. We are quick to apply labels, and then within the labels we start placing sub-labels, and it gets to the point of ridiculous to an extent.

For those familiar with the cosplay world, we see so many infographics and people telling each other what cosplay is or isn’t. Applying rules here and there that aren’t universal, and, while each of us may have our own path, I feel it is important to the community as a whole to remember, that, each path that an individual takes is theirs to choose.

Photo Courtesy Chris Dorsey
Photo Courtesy Chris Dorsey

I see people who work tirelessly and at great expense sometimes, to create magnificent pieces of art. I see some, much like myself, who often times struggle through builds to the point of frustration. I see others who maybe aren’t as gifted, so they commission, or just buy something off the shelf. Guess what…all of these things are okay. I won’t dive into an argument or jump to the defense of any of those, even something that came from the rack of a big box store, but, I will say that the outcome, in my humble opinion, should be the same.

What I am driving at is what is written in the title…cosplay is confidence.

I go to many events and conventions, I’ve met tens of thousands of people over the years in passing, many have become friends, and what I have seen is amazing. Some of these people I meet are more introverts, quiet in most conversations and events. Perhaps rarely even venturing out in a social setting. My youngest son is kind of that way, shy around new people, sometimes even hiding behind me, not everyone is outgoing…and that too is okay.

Then something magic happens. As quick as a costume goes on, many times people transform into someone else. Suddenly, they aren’t as quiet. Maybe, just maybe…that costume isn’t a costume at all, the more I’ve been around the environment, the more I have come to realize, we all wear costumes in some capacity, it sometimes takes us a while to find who we really are. I thought I knew who I was for years until I put on a Ghostbusters uniform, and that’s when I learned…that is absolutely who I am.

I’m proud to put that uniform on and bring smiles to faces, I am proud to watch those quiet day to day folks come out of their shell, and I am proud to see people who may not fit in at most places, find a home on a convention floor in a costume. It’s a beautiful thing, and I think it’s one we see in other areas as well.

To all my fellow friends out there who have been labeled and kind of put in a box of how society thinks we should be, I applaud you for finding out who you really are and putting it out there. Many of you are far more brave than even you realize.

So, take that confidence and use it to your advantage, embrace it…and maybe, just maybe, that confidence starts crossing over into more areas of your life.

Get out there and be awesome.

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