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Well after last week, where the Nomi to my Crystal, the other half of Team SJ, Spencer, handled review duties (magnificently might I add) but now I am back and what a week to fall back on so someone help me up and let’s get back on the track!

Back in the Workroom

The workroom is split on the decision Alyssa made to send Ginger home (I agree with it btw). However, Phi Phi is right in her point that Alyssa did go against the initial rules. Did Phi Phi have to keep bringing it up? No…but she did and honestly, I’m glad she vocalized the point. Let’s be real….you are too. Without it, where’s the drama?

Then the MOTHAship arrives and let’s the girls pair up to be part offfff….an acting challenge…so these always end well.

Meanwhile…at Set

The on set things are basically red herrings, it never gives us a sign of how it turns out. I feel with these pairings we coulda made an episode outta the stuff that occurs on set. It seems like too funny. However, ever wanna know if Michelle and Todrick know the phrase, “quiet on set” considering how much they laugh on set during a take.


On the Runway

Let me first say this was one of Ru’s best looks. I loved the vintage of it all. This stands out.

Ok back to the queens.

  • Phi Phi – She legit loves cosplay and this reveal was brilliant cause she brought her kinda drag into it. If you are a Disney fan, you loved it more. Don’t think she needed the crown at first, but that’s my big complaint. Well executed.
  • Roxxxy – I loved the reveal. Two styles with a visible theme. One thing that stand out here is Something Roxxxy does well: She gives you performance all throughout her runway. She sells the garment like no other. Tonight was no exception.
  • Katya – Can you really hate her looks? They aren’t the best always but she does something that makes it always feel like only she can do it.
  • Detox – Honestly….pretty, but blah. This was my least favorite. When she did the reveal the look felt awkward for me.
  • Alyssa – Hot damn this look was so clever, so fun, so absurd, so Alyssa, and maybe a little past that. No idea what Michelle had against it, but Michelle isn’t always right. (#notsryboutit). I can really see where Shangela gets it.
  • Alaska – If you are a drag race fan, this was the apparent winner. We knew Poundcake would be referenced but this exceeded all our dreams. Only down side is if you didn’t get the reference.


Before we get to the end, let’s cover the movies.


  • The Films/Team Are:
    Showsquirels – Roxxxy & Phi Phi: Phi Phi has done a lot of Cosplay since she’s left but Nomi Malone might be my favorite. It was uncanny and I wanted more. It was a spot on performance….and Roxxxy was also there…I think.
  • Thelma and Weezy – Detox & Katya: Zombie Thelma and Louise was made only cause the two queens involved made it work. It felt too long and not as funny as the other two, but Katya and Detox made it work.
  • What Had Happen to Baby JJ? – Alaska & Alyssa: I’m starting to wonder if Alaska is most versatile queen ever on Drag Race. This was hers, she was born to play this. Unfortunately Alyssa…ugh…she tried but being Alyssa wasn’t an option or enough here. Alaska carried the thing and while we’re all better for it…Alyssa wasn’t.

During the judges critique I think Michelle brings up a point about the small things. This cast is so strong that they really have to dig to find flaws to judge on. Phi Phi and Alaska are the Top 2 and Katya, Roxxxy, & Alyssa end up in the bottom.

Wait…why are there three this week and two last week?


In the Back

The girls chatted with Alaska but Phi Phi doesn’t. Personally I don’t think she needs to talk with any of the bottom 3. My issue with those asides is that that it honestly seems like the discussions with the potentially eliminated queens are making the queens beg. Detox is trying to keep Phi Phi in line but I’m wondering if Phi Phi is actually a villain here. All she seems to be doing is playing by the rules they set. Phi Phi has always been a game player and she hates when the rules change mid stream.



Phi Phi and Alaska give one of the absolute funniest lipsyncs on this show together. Their styles were so different that they worked. I feel while Alaska was funny, Phi Phi gave a better performance, but how can you not focus on Alaska as Li’l Poundcake?


Alaska wins and sends Alyssa home, for the reasons they all agreed upon. Won’t lie I get why but Alyssa wouldn’t have been my choice. I love Katya, but if she was sent home….I couldn’t have faulted Alaska. Now my (personal) top three is thrown off.

…or is it.

We see the girls go back….and read Phi Phi….but why? She’s playing by the rules and expecting to be judged on week to week..

Then again….what are the rules when the eliminated queens show up in the mirror?!


This show has been doing a stellar job making you want to want more and more. The new rules of All Stars have made this truly captivating TV. Which is why Rupaul truly earned that Emmy.

RuPaul has given opportunities to so many with this show. This award is as much an honor to the difference RuPaul has made for lives within the GLBTQ community, which is where drag starts.

Drag, much like politics, starts on the local level….with your local queens….so go support them.


Keep geek.


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