Who Should Sashay Away From 90’s Drag Race? Week 2

The people have spoken! Miss Coco Peru is the winner of the second challenge while the bottom two for the second week of 90’s Drag Race are the queen of Savannah, the Lady Chablis and once again, Las Vegas legend, Frank Marino! Who is going to be the second one sent home? Can Frank Marino dodge a bullet two weeks in a row? That is up to you! Voting starts now and ends Tuesday night at midnight EST! Check out the videos of these two amazing performers!

Part of the reason that we decided to start this series is for people out there to learn a little bit more about the history of the drag business. All fifteen of these divas are absolute legends of the business and there truly are no losers in this competition. After each elimination, there will be a write-up about each queen to celebrate them and their amazing careers. Now the choice is up to you…….


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  1. It would be fairest to give Frank another video for the lip sync. We saw this one already last time he landed bottom two.

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