Sidney vs the Week – 9/10/14


Oh hey week…what have you brought for show & tell?


Jessica Lange Doing This ^

Twin Peaks is Coming Back – In case you don’t have a news-feed…and didn’t hear.

Amanda Bynes Caught Shoplifting – ….how’s everyone doing on that Lohan search?

American Horror Story Doing Crime Spinoff about OJ Simpson Case – That headline doubles up as the headline and punchline. In all seriousness though, I am looking forward to seeing Jessica Lange play OJ.

Titanic has an Alternate Ending – Um….ya know…it’s not TOOOOOOO late to give Best Picture
to As Good As It Gets or LA Confidential.

Red Bull Pays out $13 Million in False Advertising Settlement – Wait….are you telling me it DOESN’T give me wings?! What are you gonna say next…that what happens in Vegas doesn’t ACTUALLY stay in Vegas?!


The Champion of the Week is…Twin Peaks, because A) Awesome. B) the rest of these are in no way worthy due to none of them being awesome and surprising.

Disagree…think one of the losers won? Tell me about it….tell me ALL about it.

This week…you were a bust…but thanks for tryin.

Keep geek.


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