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True Blood –
Death is Not the End

Yep. Tonight’s episode was fantastic. In fact, it was so good, that it felt like the early episodes did with their initial greatness. The main characters came together for a cause and that gave the episode a starting point and ending point, and it hit ever mark along the way.

I loved the Eric/Pam back story. It felt nostalgic and it added so much. I never thought that having the backstory of Fangtasia would be done so awesome or as intriguing. Also GINGER! GINGER GOT A BACKSTORY…and it was great. The reveal that Fangtasia was her idea was not essential, but it was fun and served its purpose. All around, Top 3 Pam/Eric stuff.

The opening with both Sookie and Jason making condolence calls was great. Jason especially due to all the history between those two, none of which Hoyt remembers. Jason breaking down and talking as if Hoyt hasn’t had his mind glamoured was great stuff by Ryan Kwanten. It should be interesting to see what happens when Hoyt returns. Sookie was pure sass this week, which she made fun. Wasn’t melodrama romance and for that, I remain grateful.

What’s exciting is that the HEP V infected vamp story is over. I guess next week we get to finally see what threat the show is going to have to get over to reach its conclusion.

In summation, Death is Not the End, has told us:

“True Blood doesn’t mind breaking your heart because it knows you are ok with it, secretly. Jason’s call was particularly heartbreaking and you can’t describe why. The Magister was always a fun sassy bitch. Haha, remember video stores? Pam probably invented ‘Bitchy Resting Face’ but it was only cool when she did it. Sookie’s entire mentality this week, ‘What Women Want Is…’ Ginger…who knew. Eric might be dying but he will go down insulting Bill till his last breath. Jessica isn’t eating…because skinny bitch reasons. Lafayette calling someone “hooka” is always awesome. Does this mean Arlene is FINALLY safe…cause she’s kinda earned immunity. That HEP V Vamp villain thing wasn’t the final threat…and the rest of the season is much better for it.””

Alright, the road to the end seems to have actually begun with the end of this episode. If the rest of the season is as good as this episode, True Blood will get its strong ending.

Keep geek.


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