Sister Indica RECOMMENDS: “In Sintesi” by Róisín Murphy

1836770_760851550593810_916088250_oHi Friends,

I’ve been idolizing Róisín Murphy since the late 90’s when I stumbled upon Moloko’s new album “I Am Not A Doctor”.  It was one of those rare times I bought a CD just based on the album cover and what a great move that was.  Since then, I’ve gotten all of Moloko’s stuff and have closely followed Róisín’s solo career.

Like any hardcore fan, I have been waiting – impatiently – for her to release a new album.  Record label troubles are to blame for the delay and I for one am sick of it.  As if answering my prayers, Róisín is now dropping a new project – an EP of Italian disco covers called Mi Senti, which you can get – you guessed it – on iTunes


There is, however, one original track written by Róisín and it is the star of this week’s Sister Indica RECOMMENDS: “In Sintesi”.

Rumor has it Róisín is also putting out a proper full-length studio album later this year so let this luscious song tide you over until then.

Your Gurl,

Sister Indica

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