Drag Queens

“My Fight For Hope”

November 9, 2016 Heidi Haux 2

Editor’s note: I have known my friend Kyler aka New York City drag queen Heidi Haux  for a little over a year now. In addition to being a very talented queen, she’s always been a […]

The Week In Drag
Drag Queens

THE WEEK IN DRAG with Emily Meow

September 19, 2016 Emily Meow 0

The Week In Drag We’re back! After “The Week In Drag” went on some what of a hiatus (ya girl graduated), it’s back and better than ever to fill you in on the world of […]

Drag Queens

MaDd about Maddelynn Hatter

March 8, 2016 Chiffon Dior 0

Chiffon Dior: Hi there Maddelynn. I’m really excited to talk with the 2015 WERRRK.com Drag Photographer of the Year. I hope the paparazzi haven’t been TOO overbearing since you won. Maddelynn Hatter: Not at all, […]

Drag Queens

A Moment of Epiphany

March 2, 2016 Chiffon Dior 0

Chiffon Dior: Hello there Epiphany! It was so good to see you on Sunday at brunch! Thanks for making the time to talk with me tonight. How are you doing this evening? Epiphany Get Paid: […]

Drag Queens

NewYorkNowNext: Lady Havokk

March 3, 2015 Chiffon Dior 0

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. ~Alan Watts There have been some big changes talking place in the Big Apple […]

New York City

A Snapshot of Amy Beckerman

February 11, 2015 Chiffon Dior 0

Chiffon Dior: Hi Amy! Thanks for squeezing me in on yet another cold as balls New York night. Are you surviving this winter girl? Amy Beckerman: Surviving! How many more weeks until Spring? CD: That […]