Drag Queens

Meow Mixx: WILLAM

June 7, 2016 Emily Meow 0

Willam I’m back again at Brighton’s prestigious Powder Room for their latest event; Willam and Alyssa Edwards! The show was fantastic as always, with a wonderful range of diverse acts, showcasing the divine talent Brighton has to […]

Drag Queens

Meow Mixx: House of Grand Parade

July 29, 2015 Emily Meow 0

I returned to the Powder Room, one of Brighton’s best drag nights, to talk to the girls of the House of Grand Parade, Lydia L’Scabies, Rococo Chanel and Crystal Lubrikunt. It was the night of Max’s headline […]

Drag Queens

Meow Mixx: The Powder Room

June 17, 2015 Emily Meow 0

With a fabulous reception to my last article (see that here), I thought what better way to showcase what UK drag scene than to go to the gay capital of the UK; Brighton! This beautiful […]