Talking Drag Race with Chiffon Dior: Episode Ten “Prancing Queens”


Episode Ten: Prancing Queens

Hi guys. I can’t believe we have to go through all this again but we do. This is TALKING DRAG RACE with Chiffon Dior and by process of elimination, I’m pretty sure that is me. So for those of you who watched Drag Race tonight…’s okay. We’ll get through this together. Again.

So let’s jump right to the mini challenge. It involved putting scotch tape on your face (eating the paste is next week I assume) and pretending you’re on a Real Housewives show. Are they just randomly filling in words in a sort of Mad Libs mini challenge generator? So anyway, Violet looked like Kelly Mantle somehow, Katya looked like Angelica Huston as the Grand High Witch and so…yeah. Violet won and got to pick the teams for the main challenge.


So the main challenge is revealed as some kind of ballroom dance, half and half drag mashup. Milk would have killed at this challenge. Violet divides up the team and they’re assigned their dances.

  • Violet & Katya: Tango/Vogue
  • Trixie & Ginger: Country/Robot
  • Pearl & Kennedy: Charleston/Twerk


The ladies are rushed off to work with their coaches, Dancing with the Stars dancer (No, sadly not Maks) Kym Johnson and former contestant Carson Kressley. The typical clips of the gurls struggling are shown setting up our subsequent shock when they do well for real. Carson does some heavy lifting for me with some dynamite quotes.

“Yeah, no. Not so much” – Carson reacting to Pearl’s dancing

“Katya is that terror or confusion on your face?” -Carson ” A little of both.” -Katya

And speaking of heavy lifting….

“Whatever I do, I’m not going to drop Ginger….and then I dropped Ginger.” – Trixie


So it was off to the runway for the ladies to shine in their half and half drag finest….but wait, Ru just won the runway hands down!


Beyond Ru, the runway was solid if unspectacular although noted Rhodes scholar Pearl did invent a new word…..


Yeah, so anyway…..the videos of the performances are shown and Ru has quite the quandary because all three teams were quite good. After picking the tiniest of nits, she declares Katya and Violet the winners.


Somewhat surprisingly, Pearl and Kennedy were safe which left poor, poor Trixie and Ginger to lip synch for their lives to tune of 90’s classic Show Me Love by Robin S.


Ginger crawled her way to a narrow victory leaving fans world wide to realize there would be no justice for Trixie.

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We’re down to five queens. Be sure to vote in our poll for who you think will win this season. Last week Katya continued to lead in our vote, followed by Ginger and Trixie and Pearl tied for third! Who moved the needle this week?  Plus, be sure to check out the latest episode of ELIMINATION TRANSFORMATION with Jamie-Lynn as she transforms into Miss Fame right here. Until next week, remember to have your drag queens neutered and spayed.



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