The Carter Files – Snafu


Agent Carter-

I just wanna get right in to talking about this episode…and never really stop.

Wow, what a stellar set up for a finale. The way they are doing this slow build to a crescendo is something I’m unable to even consider turning away from. I hope every show-runner out there is taking notes on how to pace a show like this.


James D’Arcy & Hayley Attwell have been on of the absolute best TV pairings. Their chemistry together is a character upon itself, but how they are so easily able to bring any other character in to their groove is really fantastic example of how talented they are. Also, major props to Shea Wigham for really nailing this role. He brought such a great presence to the show and it is a shame to see him go, but what a way befitting of the character.

The acting on this show is always very worthy of the praise, but so is the writing. This episode was perhaps the absolute best written of the series. So many emotions to convey over so much story and everything felt appropriate.

Snafu, in summation:

“Oooo Dr. Faust….subtle. It took everything Marvel had to not say ‘Mutant.” OMG ARE THEY GONNA CROSSOVER WITH WINTER SOLDIER?! Sexism….40s style. No one thinks it is weird that this unknown Russian dude keeps hanging out in the chief’s office unsupervised, for two days in a row. Norman Rockwell: Marvel Edition. Yeah break the key off Dooley, cause it’s not like that glass window can be broken. Russians are wacky! Or just use that giant class window that could harm the agents behind it. Men and their words…amiright, ladies? I guess it was broken glass that blew towards the agents….too soon? First rule of 1940s cinema…”

What a fantastic penultimate episode , I’m so sad the finale is next week, but so ready to see what they give us.

Keep geek.


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