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Agent Carter-
The Blitzkrieg Button

I am just absolutely stunned by this show. It was 8 episodes of consistent, exciting, and well made television. The way this show was paced perfectly, from start to finish, is how I hope more television is made. As a huge Captain America fan, I am so happy how this show took such an important character in the Captain America mythos and let her shine in this way.

I wanna say this now, Hayley Atwell deserves award acclaim for this role, at the very least, award nominations. Not since Jennifer Garner’s performance, as Alias’ Sydney Bristow, have we seen a performance that effortlessly blends high action, with sublime acting so effortlessly. Hayley Atwell is a star and I hope we see her only take off from here.


All the supporting characters worked so perfectly. The way they got to where they did felt so right on all of the levels. Enver Gjokaj has proved his worth as talent twice so I can hope people finally took notice his potential. The supporting cast didn’t feel just supporting, they felt like stars of their own show and I mean that in the best possible way

Last bit of thought, the fight between Agent Carter and Dottie, who was played so perfectly by Bridget Regan, was so good. That fight, however, was so much more than just a fight, it was a statement that loudly expressed the core of the show: Women are badasses. At the Oscars a last year, they showed a montage of heroes in film. The montage featured maybe 5 or so women in two and a half minutes…it was absolutely ridiculous. When I saw this fight it was a reminder that we always have to wait so long for characters like Agent Carter to come in to our pop culture zeitgeist. Don’t believe me…well remember that the first appearance of Wonder Woman on the big screen still hasn’t happened, and won’t until next year, and she won’t even have her own film until 2017. Here we had two exceedingly well developed, written, and performed characters that kicked ass but also added to a massive cinematic universe in an incredibly unique way. I’m so happy this show not only served as incredible example of what comic book material can be made to be, but was able to show that we are beyond the point of ready for women in roles like this. Agent Carter has shown that leading women can always be more, do more, and yes, be the best thing in film or television at any given time.

Valediction, in summation:

“Olivia Benson is clutching her pearls for Sousa touching that thing…without a latex glove. Russian Espionage: Sponsored by the City of New York Travel Bureau. We should all be saying “Silliest Goose” and you know it. Howard Stark thinks Rosalind Russell was easy. Howard Stark is most definitely a slut. The plane behind Stark when he’s tied up is the same shape and plane as Starlord’s plane. So let’s discuss how chick fights like that are just the best. Peggy Carter should be a hostage negotiator. Peggy….girl…confirm the kill. Aren’t you glad that Senator’s today respect women way more than they did back then…*looks at Congress*…oh wait. Oooooo Sousa #FriendZone, buddy. Yeah…Stark owed them that.”

I can only hope this becomes a yearly thing between the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. break. If, however, it isn’t, then I would like to quote this finale and say:

“Goodbye, my darling.”

Keep geek.


Valediction, in post-credit summation:

“They put Red Skull’s right hand, and weapons expert, in the same cell as the man who stole Howard Stark’s most dangerous weapons, hypnotized two people to their deaths, and hypnotized Howard Stark into nearly kill hundreds of thousands of people…yeah…I don’t know how Hydra managed to infiltrate anything with such geniuses like that looking out.”

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