So You Think You Can Drag Finalist: Whendy Whaxwood


Question: Condragulations on making the top four of So You Think You Can Drag! Especially with the level of talent this season, its quite an achievement. Have you had a moment to reflect back on what you have already accomplished yet?

Thank you! I can’t believe how far the other girls and I have come. It feels like only yesterday we were sweet young things. Now,with the crown in sight, we are bloodthirsty hounds!  Just kidding.  I am proud of the numbers I have created  for this competition. Every Queen this season always brought their best and everyone is so talented and clever it really forced me to push myself, but I always stayed true to who I am and what I like to do. I’m so glad it was well received!

Question: What do you think was your personal highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

Winning Broadway week was a huge highlight! My Broadway fantasies became real that night. This is why I love doing drag. I loved having my Whendettes be there with me that night, too. Now I can officially call myself a Theater Queen and I have the receipts to back it up!

If I have to find a lowlight, it would have to be my empty piggy bank every week.  Let’s just say wining $1,000 and a regular job would mean I could pay my rent on time and be able to purchase a fourth pair of heels. 


Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige Turner and all other amazing guest judges that have come through?

This competition has been a whirlwhind! It has been challenging, tiring, inspiring, and in the end so rewarding.  Paige is so kind and has supported us throughout the season so much.  She wants to see us succeed and advises us wisely.  I know she doesn’t like the “M” word, so I’ll think of her as an Auntie who can teach me a lot!  The judges have been great all season and its been an honor to perform in front of them and have them experience this work I have created.  I hope they know any one of them can offer me a gig as soon as the finale is over! Also, the experience working at New World Stages has been such a treat.  The whole team takes such good care of us and produces such a quality program. I always thought I’d have to fist a puppet to get to work there!


Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

I am going to be giving you classic Whendy all night! There will be drama.  There will be extravaganzas.  There will be tight motherfucking lip syncing! *Laughs* But really, that’s what you can expect when you come to my show and that’s what I’m going to showcase at the finale. 


Question: Any you want to plug before we wrap up? 

I can’t wait to see everyone this week and if you want to show support for Whendy in the audience, whear something purple! (And vote for Whendy!) 

Question: Best of luck to you on the 1oth! It really was a pleasure getting to know you and the entire cast backstage this season. Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave the universe with?

In the wake of last nights election, don’t let the outcome frighten or discourage you.  We are stronger than that.  Be proud of who you are, be strong, and love hard! 


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