So You Think You Can Drag, Week 5


Editor’s Note: Paige’s schedule and my own didn’t mesh up this weekend to talk about week five of “So You Think You Can Drag” but being the professional that she is, I woke this morning to find that she had sent a description of the amazing Legends and Divas week of SYTYCD, which I now proudly share with you.

It’s been such a week. Legends and Divas was frickin’ fantastic. We always wait until further into the season to do it, when the girls are more comfortable. I also ask on their audition and application who they would think of doing for this night, because it tells me a lot about them and who inspires them. I’m pretty big on what or who inspires people to do drag and even more so why they pick certain artist to perform, so I had a lot of these questions on the runway for them, and many are very excited to talk about it.

The evening started out with Lacey Lane as Miss Piggy….I mean, oh my god, she’s legendary right?! The theme being Legends and Divas, not both necessarily, but few fall into that category. Judy Garland, legend. Beyonce, diva. Solange kicking the crap out of Jay Z in an elevator, fucking legendary! The audience quickly caught on and so did the queens. I would say overall many did imitations or shall I say channeled the spirit of the performer. We had a great Madonna from Kimberly Smallz who brought real Vogue dancers…so fun! Stevie Nicks embodied by Charmagne Aultra and even Taylor Swift made an appearance in Holly Box-Springs performance.

The standouts and final 2 of the night were Schwa De Vivre and Alexis Michelle. Schwa is hardcore Liza. both in her act uptown and online so she was balls out ready for this night. She started by talking to the audience for like four minutes in a monologue that eventually led to I’m gonna sing. We were there every step of the way and she did “Let’s Have a Kiki” as Liza. I’ve never gotten to see Liza live but now I can say I have.


Alexis channeled Babs in Yentl rags and turned into the authentic orange costume with Babushka in Funny Girl. She even had a backdrop and the edge of a boat set piece. I mean are you kidding? This is like regional theater! Oh don’t even get me started on her prosthetic nose! It was a tough call as these two battled it out. The two of them also have a successful show uptown at the West End every Wednesday night and are quite a team.


The judges really went back and forth after the audience picked them for the lip sinc showdown. The victory went to Schwa De Vivre for her Liza. Liza and Babs…. I mean there were gay gasms everywhere! I could hardly control the audience. I even got in on the action and did full Elaine Stritch medley while the queens prepped their runway look.


This coming week is Duets Week where the contestants team up. In fact Schwa and Alexis will be teammates this week, so this is really anyone’s game at this point. Tomorrow I’m rehearsing with all the girls for a huge opening number. I just love a big opening, don’t you? I must get to bed now if I’m gonna stay a teen model but you can catch me obviously at SYTYCD on Thursday, at the Real Men Wear Pink calendar release party (See Poppy Fields’ story about it here), at Shadow Boxers on Wednesday and then later that night I have Werk Wednesdays at Hardware. For the weekend crowd, Saturdays I’m at Icon in Astoria and of course, Slurp! Sundays at Therapy. Hopefully next week Chiffon and I can get together for another kiki but for now, have a great week!


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