So You Think You Can Drag? Week 6

Chiffon Dior: Hello again Paige! Since we weren’t able to get together last week, I have to ask… horribly did you miss me?

Paige Turner: I’m sorry, who is this?

CD: Why does everyone always say that? I need to fire my agent!

PT: Oh yes. Hi, it’s you.

CD: Mmmm hmmm! So thank you for flying solo last week but now the best duo since peanut butter and jelly is back together!

PT: Like mungojerrie and rumpleteaser! I love pussy!

CD: Let’s get right down to it. What went down at this week’s So You Think You Can Drag?

PT: I went down on Dusty’s cute dancers…oh wait, sorry that was the after party. Well, it was an interesting week because it was Duets Week. I’m not the biggest fan of this theme, however it is very important. I mean when you do a show in New York, its almost impossible not to have guest stars and team work and putting numbers together with people is crucial.


CD: You like threesomes more than duets I hear.Set featured image

PT: Yeah thrupple is the new black.

CD: Stop trying to make thrupple happen Paige. It’s not going to happen!

PT: Really! I keep meeting thrupples!

CD: Hmm, I guess you did make thrupple happen then.

PT: Duets are a good way to show how people work together so when they win their own show, they are able to put that all together.

CD: Its like when your teacher would assign you a group project and all of a sudden your grade is reliant on the kid who eats paste.

PT: There you go!! We opened with Pissant Country Place and it was divine! God the audience loves this number always…..

……oh and season 4 winner Sutton Lee Seymour came back to do a number with our reisdent mentor Chelsea Piers and me!

CD: Which begs the question, which queen is the one that eats the paste?

PT: Me, cuz I’m on a budget and they sell it at Michael’s crafts.

CD: That must be how you keep your cute figure!

PT: Yes and bottoming.

CD: Of course, so what duets did we see this week?

PT: Well speaking of bottoming, This Boy is a Bottom was in the top 2 with Maci and Holly. The way it worked this week was a bit different. The audiences voted on teams and the top two teams had a showdown. Then one person from each team was picked and a winner for the night was chosen. The top who teams were Molly Sumbox aka Maci Sumcox and Holly Box Springs and Schwalexis aka Alexis Michelle and Schwa de Vivre (which is also the model of my clown car). After the four of them battled it out to It’s Raining Men, the top two of Schwa and Maci were picked and Maci won the evening.

CD: What numbers did the team do?

PT: Boy is a Bottom mixed with Ketchup or Kesha and Schwalexis did dueling Lizas.

CD: Is there ever such a thing as too much Liza?

PT: As I sit here with my Jonathan Adler needlepoint Liza pillow….no.

CD: What is the next theme up on the schedule?

PT: It’s PAGEANT WEEK!! Bob the Drag Queen and Marty Thomas, who is in the musical Pageant off Broadway and also has a show at New World are the guest judges!

CD: I love me a good pageant!

PT: The queens will be giving you some pageant realness, question and answer, another big group number and more!

CD: Why a group number?

PT: To exhaust everyone! No, actually a big pageant style number!

CD: So like a big opening number extravaganza?

PT: Exactly!!

CD: Sounds like another great night! So I think we’ve gotten to point where you shamelessly plug all your appearances for the week, no?

PT:Yes!! Of course we have SYTYCD on Thursday,  the Real Men Wear Pink calender release party (See Poppy Fields’ story about it here) at Shadow Boxers on Wednesday and then later that night I have Werk Wednesdays at Hardware. Over the weekend, I’m at Shadow Boxers Saturday and of course, Slurp! Sundays at Therapy.


CD: Okay, we’ve come the end of another week of SYTYCD Paige, do you have any parting words for NS4W readers?

PT: Yes! Read this article!! And read things, just don’t look at pictures. I’ve lost faith that people even know how to read anymore. KEEP CALM AND SLURP! And don’t travel with ebola!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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