WERRRK.com 2016 Drag Awards: Bio Queen of the Year

Welcome to the WERRRK.com 2016 Drag Awards, recognizing the best in drag and LGBT achievement this year! The nomination stage is starting now, where your vote will help decide the winners!  Our next category is for the 2016 Bio Queen of the Year. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours between now and December 26th. Congratulations to all of our amazing nominees!

  • 2015 Winner: Kat Sass

In the interest of not looking looking like we are pushing our own bio pageant above the efforts of rest of the bio queens out there, we have decided that our reigning Miss Bio-WERRRK 2016, the fabulous Monroe Fitzgerald, will not be eligible for this year’s award.

Pierretta Viktori (New York)

Tayla MacDonald (Sydney, Australia)

Photo by Ashley Andrés Penin

Crimson Kitty (New York)

Amber Cadaverous (Birmingham, UK)

Photo by Jasmine Hitchens

Gypsy Gemini (Orlando)


Boo Sutcliffe (Birmingham, UK)

Flo Reel (Perth, Australia)

Robin Graves (Philadelphia)

Photo by Jonathan Hernandez

Ally P Sha (Providence)

Photo by Ryan Welch

Dottie Dangerfield (Toronto)

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