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Guys! Guys! We are back! Oh how I have missed you The Walking Dead. Not only was last night the premiere of Season 8, but also the debut of The Walking Dead’s 100th episode! What a huge milestone. I have literally grown up with this show and I am just so proud. Watching The Talking Dead tonight made me super emotional seeing so many familiar faces such as Scott Wilson who played Hershel, Michael Rooker who played Merle, and of course our characters who are still alive like the eternal queen Melissa McBride who plays Carol. But enough of the emotional stuff, let’s talk about the episode. This season of “What The Walking Dead” I plan on breaking down the episodes much like my American Horror Story column… The Good, The Bad,Ā  Episode MVP, and a witty summary called “In Summation”. Let’s do it!

The Good

I freaking loved this episode. It was full of bad-ass moments! I honestly can’t even point out what made this episode so good, because everything worked. I loved the inspirational speeches by the three tribe leaders. Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel could literally lead America better than that ape in the White House at the moment. I love the explosions, the silent kills, oh and the part where Rick shut Eugene’s annoying ass down. Definitely a Walking Dead: Untucked moment. I also loved seeing Carol back again with the crew, it felt so good. Carol is NOT messing around this season so do not mess with her. At first I was pretty skeptical about Rick’s plan… but it turned out to really work. This season is going to be dope! There was so much action. I also love how we are now using The Walkers as as weapons. The herd idea has been a symbol since season 2, so it’s only fitting that during our 100th episode that a herd takes down The Savior’s depot. This season is all about coming together to overcome the odd’s which I feel speaks a lot to our current state of the union. Whether it be zombies, hurricanes, or white supremacists, only light can defeat the darkness.

The Bad

It kind of feels like there was an obvious time jump here. I would kind of liked to have known what happened right after the end of last season but I guess it’s not very important. At least a funeral for Sasha? Ummm, unpopular opinion but I kind of find the happy visions Rick seems to be having to be pretty corny. I am sure the point of them are to be corny, unlikely dreams…. But I just kind of find them hilarious because they are basically dreams of a time much like season 4 just with grey party city wigs on. Speaking of, how many different versions are there of Judith at this point? Half of the show’s IMDB cast member’s page all play Judith. Last point, how did Negan’s people go from declaring war…. to basically letting Rick’s people come together, create all these traps, armored cars, gather weapons, and walk right up to the front door with little opposition? How did this happen?

The Episode MVP

This week’s Episode MVP goes to Maggie for going to war in her third trimester. Maggie for President 2020. Maggie has grown so much from the second season and it just makes me so happy. Like Rick said, we should all be following Maggie. She is a inspiration to everyone.

In Summation

No! It can’t be; we just sent Rick back to the future! Great Scott!! What do Rick Grimes, Shane, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Larry David, Donald Trump, and Pennywise The Clown all have in common? Either one of them could be Judith’s potential dad considering they switch the actress every take…Ā  Nevertheless, Maggie persisted. I’m with her. Just watching Carol sit down and chill makes me want to cry. Only one person has to die…. as Negan’s people are picked off one by one. Of all the great ideas Rick has had, this is probably not one of them. I hope this season ends with Carol shaving Eugene’s mullet off before tossing him off a bridge. IĀ  Just put metal car armor barriers in my Amazon cart. Rick’s aim is about as good as my cooking… Gabriel running to save the ex-Hilltop leader was probably one of the dumbest decisions on this show ever and Andrea shot Daryl during target practice before. Currently designing a new couture pant called, “Shittin Pants”… soon to be available at the Werrrrk.com merch store.

Well, what a fantastic start to the season. Supposedly the first four episodes of this season are insane so I am really looking forward to next week. I wouldn’t be surprised if Father Gabriel died next week… I mean honestly he had it coming after running out of that car. Alright everyone, it’s been real. See you next week for episode 101!

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