Getting to Know Shawn Pelofsky, Senior Casting Couch Correspondent

Photo Credits: Michael Lawrence
Photo Credits: Michael Lawrence

I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I approached my friend Shawn Pelofsky about being a part of this site. Not that she’s never been anything but accommodating with me any time I asked her for anything but I know Miss Thing is one BUSY chick! The fact that she said, “Anything you need!” was music to my ears. And no, my first thought was not of getting a new liver from her to replace the vodka-soaked mess that is mine! I know what you all were thinking!

I’m very happy to announce that in the coming weeks, Shawn will be contributing to this site, adding her perspective on the Hollywood scene, reality television and will even be giving us an exclusive sneak peek at her forthcoming book about relationships! In the meantime, please check out Shawn’s acting reel as a primer to getting to know my friend, the hilarious Shawn Pelofsky!

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