WERRRK.com 2015 Drag Anthem of the Year

There are songs every year that get performed again and again, in drag bars across the country but what was THE definitive song of year? Only one can be the WERRRK.com 2015 Drag Anthem of the Year!







“Hello” Adele ~ The Minute this song hit the illegal download scene every queens “Parody Drive” started spinning! This song brought us the typical happy sadness we enjoy during every Adele Anthem!!!!

“What Do You Mean” Justin Bieber ~ Consensual sex…..YES PLEASE!!!! The Biebster was just trying to find out and I WAS SCREAMING YES…….But my body was saying no! And Hey Drag Kings are people too and deserve to have a little say in this award because you know a few of them who have turned this song out this year!

“Dear Future Husband” Meghan Trainor ~ Every drag queen I know is a sucker for a song about finding that one true Drag Husband who will rhinestone her shoes and paint her bags……..And this song brought out those fantasies in all of us!

“Confident” Demi Lovato ~ Right after releasing this track Madam Lovato decided to show up to a few different gay bars in New York City and turn this track out live….GoGo Boy Dicks were floppin and she stayed “Confident” through it all!!!! If that doesn’t qualify her for this award I’m not sure what does!

“Bitch Better Have My Money” Rihanna ~Girl, What queen has not done this song this year and given death stare to those lovely tourists who happen to not understand anything coming out of your mouth once the word money drops…………..Exactly.

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