Adore Delano’s Party Isn’t Over, It’s A Brand New Era

Adore Delano is back with a brand-new era, the much-loved ‘party’ Queen we all love has been teasing hints of what’s to come for this new musical era. Announcing the first new single titled Negative Nancy off the third studio album is set to be released 24th July. New music has been hotly awaited after the success of her last two albums ‘Till Death Do Us Party and After Party. ‘The anticipation for the album is at its height however Adore has warned fans that this is no longer the party era fans have been used to. Last month Adore released a stunning batch of photo shots, rumors of what is to be album artwork. The first shot saw her blur the lines of gender by photographing in boy drag. The shot featured her in no top, baggy jeans, long black wig which has gone on to be the main poster of the promotion thus far.


Image Source: Twitter @adoredelano



Her recent change in image is a nod to her stance on gender fluidity and how she firmly believes it has a place among society today.  The countless times she’s taken to social media to remind fans that it’s going to be something they aren’t used to. Although excited and proud of the upcoming release the concern will be that Adore’s fan base is incredibly young, the youngest of most RuPaul queens. Therefore, the complaint of change will be inevitable. However, the older fans know of her rock influences and of course with change will potentially see new fans as well. The change has come due to her turning in a significant moment of age. During her recent podcast on What’s the T with RuPaul, Adore discusses the moment you come to a certain age in life and rethink the direction on what path she wants to take. Particularly through the use of self-help books, she’s confessed to having her inner butterfly moment. Adore can now have it fly free with a new path.The maturity of the conversation and the passion of what’s to come radiated throughout the chat. Adore has definitely come along way and has developed what brand of music she wants to do. The party era exploded onto the scene soon after her drag race success. The image of party princess which was reflected through videos such Hello, I Love You, saw her decked out in pink hair, candy floss colored dresses and makeup.


Adore looked like she’d just stepped right out of a candy factory. But that was her fun aesthetic at the time, the second album saw a change in pace. Tones of heartbreak and heartache took a step back from the party. In particular, I.C.U is so gorgeous but filled with tinged regret of love. I Can’t Love You is the standout track of true heartbreak, it’s raw and relatable.  The rest of the album focused more of the after party shenanigans. It wasn’t dark but it took a turn away from the bubblegum image of Till Death Do Us PartyIt seems the signs were developing that a change of direction was on its way, recent performances have seen her take a more rock aesthetic on with classic black skinny jeans, fishnets and thigh high boots. Whilst she’s been dubbed the ‘Grunge Queen’ pop has been featured less and her set lists have rocked with songs Heart Shaped Box and 27 club is constantly performed. This being a nod to her upcoming 27th birthday which tours in September. The sold-out tour sees her take to the UK with 7 shows, allowing the UK fans to see the new Adore in all her glory. The new direction looks to set to rock, roll and be one hell of a fun ride.

Negative Nancy is available for pre-order today here or simply click the album art above.

Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K. Free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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