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Spencer’s AHS Cult Following: Charles (Manson) In Charge

Hello brothers and sisters. We have another episode of “American Horror Story Cult” to talk about and boy was it a dark one! This week we delved deep into subjects like protests, feminism, abortions, Planned Parenthood, and Charles Manson. I’m exhausted already, but let’s do it.

The Good

What I love about this season is that the AHS team is not afraid to go there. I mean we hit so many dark subjects in one episode that people are even afraid to talk out loud about.  I particularly liked the protest scene in the beginning because it just felt like it touched really close to home yet really opened our eyes regarding protests. I’ll admit I was pretty scared this whole episode. I also thought introducing Charles Manson would be ridiculous but honestly it worked and made actual sense. Evan Peters is really going for that Emmy this season. I also just want to say how amazing Frances Conroy was in this episode. She just delivers so hard on her lines and honestly I would nominate her for Best Guest Actress. Lastly, I think it’s so interesting diving into the mind of someone like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, or Andy Warhol. We don’t have to agree with the things some of the bad people in the world do, but it does help the world understand why some people are the way they are so that we can all come together to better ourselves.

The Bad

Once again I don’t have many negatives about this episode. I don’t really understand why Chaz’s character had to die. I get we are wrapping the season very soon, but his death just kind of felt unnecessary. I’m also curious where Ally’s son is at this point? He just disappeared I guess. All in all, I don’t think there is much to complain about in this episode.

In Summation

Watching those clips from the presidential debates made me want to go run and puke. During the protests scene I forgot if I was watching American Horror Story or CNN. That moment when you realize AHS is bringing up abortions because… damn. I would give up every Funko pop vinyl I own if it meant I could be in the room when Cher watches Chaz’s scenes in this show. Frances Conroy just did that. I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight after watching the Charles Manson killings. Officially shaving my head after Kai Anderson shaved his…. is that a issue? Watching Billy Lourd do so well these past few episodes makes me so happy because I know Carrie must be so proud of her.

Well that episode was crazy am I right? But ladies and gentleman, I am sorry to say next week is the season finale! Oh my god, this season flew by. I am so excited but I am not ready for it to end. But lets do it. Are you ready because honestly I don’t know if I am. Here is a peek into next week! See you then.

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