Panda Reacts to the New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer!

Where does one even start? Almost instantly, we are greeted by the unmistakable voice of Nick Fury, and while it wasn’t stated vocally, I swear I could hear underlying use of motherf*cker in his words.

At quick glances we start seeing familiar faces, I won’t spoil it all for you because I am sure some haven’t seen it yet. As we start seeing these glances of faces and places, it quickly reminds me of the scale of this universe. All corners of the globe affected in some capacity and, as we’ve seen more and more in the universe, the threats extend well beyond Earth.

As we start seeing the iconic Marvel logo, it flashes many of the characters we’ve grown to love, and, instantly I hoped the stop at some point because they sheer magnitude of characters going towards the buildup of this film, well, that splash screen of characters alone could last as long as many feature length films.

I don’t care who you are or where you are from. Doesn’t matter if you make yours Marvel or if you prefer your heroes from other realms, bringing together so many heroes and villains in the capacity is an amazing accomplishment. Think about all the previous movies, books, games, and TV that all in some way or another tie into this film and upcoming iterations. The scope alone is impressive, and Marvel somehow continues to impress each time.

While we see more and more faces, we also see the danger and destruction that looms. Seeing just the scale of the battles taking place…unreal. Honestly, seeing all the sides come together to fight Thanos…even for those brief seconds, I found myself smiling. I was 12 again. I look down and like Spidey in the trailer, the hairs on my arms are standing and the goose bumps just went all over. Watching Thanos place gems in his Gauntlet, it seems as though he is enjoying his moments, and is really in no rush at all to end us. He’s been patient this long, so, no need to rush the genocide I guess.

Aside from the amazing characters and the story, arguably one of the most intense arcs in the Marvel universe, visually this is looking to be stellar. I honestly can not get over the scale, bringing so many people in…so many effects, and from what the trailer shows us, it all looks incredibly real.

Looking forward to the new costumes we saw glimpses of, we will see some newer screen characters get fleshed out a bit more, and we will see even more things jump straight off the pages, as finally we start seeing even more amazing potential team ups. Who wouldn’t want to see Thor bash heads with Drax while Rocket and Groot team with Hulk to help Spidey? Look, I don’t know if any of that will even happen, but, just the thought is amazing.

This May 4th we will go beyond a galaxy far far away as we make our way to a battle for our very existence, so get excited…Avengers: Infinity War will be here before we know it.

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