The Versace Verdict: House by the Lake

Hello friends. How was your sleep last night? Oh…you didn’t sleep last night either? So yeah, last night’s episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story was amazing. The episode was incredibly dramatic, terrifying, emotional, and thoughtful. Honestly, this was one of my favorite episodes.After watching this show and learning about all of the background history, I don’t believe many people were aware of the destructive path Andrew Cunanan left in his wake. Behind every murder, there was family, ambitions, love, and real pain. This show is bringing forward such an important story in our history, and I am so glad people are starting to finally open up to it. Let’s talk about “House by the Lake”.

The Fabulous

So this episode was focused on the first two murders in the Cunanan case, about a week or so before the murder of Lee Miglin. Much like you see in the show, Jeff Trail and David Madson were both murdered by Cunanan. Jeff was beaten to death with a hammer, then rolled into the rug. David’s body was found next to the Rush Lake with a bullet wound in his head and back. So as you can see, this episode was once again very historically accurate. Which I think that fact alone is what makes this show seem so terrifying. The fact that someone is able to bring themselves to such a dark place like we see in the show honestly just raises the hair on my neck.

In a odd way, this episode was done in a quite beautiful way. The way they advanced through this episode, while also showing you quick scenes from David’s past was incredibly heartbreaking. This episode was not a story about what directed Andrew to murder these two people, or what sent him to Miami to kill Gianni. This was a story about a boy who grew up fighting for his fathers acceptance as a gay man, a boy growing up hoping he can make his family proud of him. This was a story about a real person with real feelings, dreams, and a family who loved him no matter what. Then the audience has to watch David get shot down in a grass field. I am writing this with tears in my eyes because this story was just so real. Whether people watch the show or not, this story is still so important for the world to know and understand. This was an amazing episode.

The Tragic

Once again, the only tragic thing about this episode is that there was no Donatella. Shame.

In Summation

If Andrew hurts that dog, I am building a time machine and kicking his f***ing ass! Oh look, Finn Wittrock is here! Just kidding, he is dead now. I know this isn’t important right now, but I love that apartment. This is probably the most awkward shower scene I’ve ever watched. False alarm, he did not kill the dog. I repeat, the dog is alive. This episode is so scary, they could make a Universal Studios Halloween attraction out of it. I don’t know how David is able to remain calm the way he was. I would have been running down the street screaming in my underwear. This scene where the father and son go hunting makes me want to go cry in a pillow. Oh my god that is David and his Dad! Now he is coming out to his Dad, my heart is just tearing apart. No one told me to bring my freaking tissues tonight! This episode was so sad and disturbing, I literally can’t even write jokes which is even more sad and disturbing.

Well my friends, that was a hard one. Luckily we can take a break for a little while and continue next week. Thank you all for reading. Enjoy next weeks preview below! It appears the Versace family is back along with some more scenes with David and Jeff. I can’t wait!

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