What the Walking Dead: Still Gotta Mean Something

What’s up everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter. In case anyone cares I enjoyed a lovely Easter brunch complete with a thousand mimosas, all on the comfort of my couch. Boo yeah! Anyways, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead was so good! Let’s talk about it.

The Fabulous

So this episode was circled around two different directions but several different characters approaching it in different ways. My favorite scenes involved my trash queen, Jadis, and the murderous but lovely Negan. We learned so much about each of these characters as Jadis was preparing one of her Thunderdome Walkers for a heavy but delicious Negan meal. Jadis obviously has suffered some deep loss as she basically begged for Negan not to burn some of her photos. On the other hand we heard the history behind Lucille, the vicious bat that turned out to be named after his late wife. Amongst all of that, there was a helicopter hovering over the junkyard? What was even more confusing was the fact that Jadis lived in a studio apartment with some really incredible interior design. Seriously I was blown away by her eye for minimalist detail in that apartment.

Meanwhile, Rick is having another Rick tantrum and goes out to kill those escaped prisoners. Ezekiel is pissed that Carol isn’t running out to save Henry, which was confusing considering Ezekiel has two legs. Morgan is about one kill away from a strait jacket and goes out looking for the escaped Saviors. So naturally Carol goes out to watch Morgan and look for Henry. Damn, Carol always has to clean up after these people. I loved Carols scenes because we really got to break down how much Carol has grown in the show. In season 2, she lost Sophia in these same woods. Fast forward to now and Carol literally is hunting for Henry in these woods and actually finds him. This was the same set used in season 2 and I just felt really proud and nostalgic. Rick and Morgan find the escaped Saviors and kill all of them and more. Thankfully, that means …. died and I couldn’t be happier. I hated that guy.

The Tragic

Morgan just needs to leave the show or snap out of it. AMC is so excited to transfer him to Fear The Walking Dead, but still prolonging his suffering. It’s just really obvious and I just want his character to fall into place as soon as possible before I go mad. Why does Rick have to be such a wet sandwich all of the time? He literally had a few Saviors begging to be taken back to Hilltop. You didn’t have to kill every single one! Okay really though whose helicopter is that? If that’s another group, I quit! Georgia is starting to look like the Marvel universe with all of these characters.

Episode MVP

Carol is always the MVP when she gets some screen time. Seriously though, Carol is nonstop character development and this weeks episode really proved how far she has come. This episode was refreshing because we got to see Carol understand how far she has come and how freaking cool she is and that actually brought a tear to my eyes. You go Carol, I love you!

In Summation

I think it is finally fair to say that Jadis is the zombie apocalypse version of Joanna Gaines. Jadis could decorate my apartment any time, complete with her nude portraits because… yes mam! Is it inappropriate of me to kind of ship a Negan and Jadis relationship? That would be HOT. I need one of those zombie carts Jadis built so I can take it to Trader Joe’s.  Bitches will finally learn how to push their damn carts! Rick is freaking crazy now. It’s funny because if Shane was here still they would probably be great friends now to be honest. Morgan is so far into the loopy bin, I’m surprised he hasn’t started hallucinating Miss Vanjie… I think the new Avengers movie should have a scene where Carol kills Thanos and slips the Infinity Gauntlet on. Carol is our only hope.

That was a great episode. Sadly, there are only two more episodes left this season. Ugh, I’m going to be so empty… until Westworld starts! Buckle up kids because you know the end of this season is about to be crazy. Until next time, enjoy this preview.

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