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    Tatiana Turan and the Bling Divas perform at the 2014 K-Pop Festival

    Empty now, but soon to be filled with 60,000 screaming fans!

    Empty now, but soon to be filled with 60,000 screaming fans!

    First off, I’d like to congratulate Chiffon Dior on her new site!!! I am thrilled for you to have begun your new venture and continue your flourishing journey. This is no small feat, and it’s only going to grow and bring you wonderful rewards! I can’t wait to experience it as it all unfolds! And I am also giddy about being a part of it – thanks for asking me to be the resident showgirl expert!

    The timing  of the launch couldn’t be more perfect, right on the heels (no pun intended) of a spectacular show for which I choreographed a cast of sixteen statuesque showgirls, resplendent with sequins, rhinestones and feathers galore! My company, Bling Divas Entertainment ,  just performed one of its biggest jobs to date, featuring sixteen of our beautiful showgirls gracing the GINORMOUS stage set up at the LA Coliseum for the sixty thousand spectators who came to see the 2014  LA K­-Pop concert festival! Our girls provided all the glitz and glamour for the opening of this huge festival, while the anxious crowd waited for their favorite Korean Pop artists to take  he stage, the Bling Divas warmed them up in a big , BLING­Y way!

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    It was a thrill just to be contacted by the promotion company who found my company but after their own extensive research and ‘boardroom discussions’, they came to the conclusion that Bling Divas Entertainment was the perfect company and the job came together quickly. The client had a very specific visual in mind. On top of us bringing our patented Vegas­-style glitz and Old Hollywood glamour to the opening routine, they wanted a group who could handle the enormity of the stage with the dynamic choreography befitting talented and gorgeous dancers, outfitted in true, authentic showgirl attire. And Bling Divas Entertainment was the one to deliver!

    Although we have performed on numerous large stages around the world ­Japan, Spain, Italy, Canada, Las Vegas and of course all over sunny SoCal,we have never been in front of sixty thousand cheering fans. This was a first and to say the thrill was incredible is an understatement! I was beyond proud and moved watching my creation, with my BDE dancers and costuming on that stage for so many to see. And at the end, the sound of sixty thousand cheering behind me as I stood and watched in front of the stage, was like music to my ears! In fact a few of my dancers were so high from the applause at the end of the number that they didn’t want to leave the stage. Ha! I guess we can all now understand how that kind of ‘love’ can become addicting!

    The client chose the music and was very hands on about the costuming as well (which I had to submit for approval). They wanted to be sure my choreography incorporated full use of the stage. Which, by the way, consisted of a 40×80 foot main stage, a second level above that, and a 40 foot long runway that jetted out into the audience leading on to another smaller island stage. To say I had my work cut out for me was the least of it!
    Although sixteen girls is a lot, this stage could have probably had double that. But with the help of my wonderful assistant choreographer, Tiffany, we were able to fill that land and bring the client’s vision to life. That is what I strive to do each and every time for my clients! Customizing a production to fit their every expectation and beyond. It’s not enough for me to ‘just do it’. I am that type ­A gal who strives to WOW them by going further then what they were expecting and it’s always a thrill when my team and I accomplish just that!
     K­-Pop is huge around the world, and only getting bigger. As my assistant Tiffany kept saying, “K-­Pop is taking over the world”. And I think she’s right! Before that initial call, I had no idea what K­-Pop was, but after last Saturday, it’s clear to me that they have a massive audience around the globe. Their artists are young, talented and their music is catchy for everybody. They each have that ‘star’ glow about them, so naturally they have quite a following.
     It was a great match for us to be a part of this huge production – between the K­-Pop artists and the Bling Divas , the stage was on fire with glitz galore!
    And as we like to say here at BDE, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that BLING!
    BLING It On! With Bling Divas Entertainment!






    Bling Divas Entertainment is a full service dance entertainment company located in Los Angeles, CA. Providing fully choreographed and produced dance & atmosphere entertainment for any themed event or production. Industry parties, red carpet affairs, corporate events, private parties, trade shows, industrials and nightclub entertainment…..Bling Divas does it all!

    Las Vegas Showgirls, Vintage Cigarette Girls, Burlesque, Cabaret, Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Broadway, Can Can, Moulin Rouge, Belly Dancers…and more!

    BLING It On!


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