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    Grappling with Drag Race (Part II)

    In case you missed the beginning of this trip down the Drag Race – WWE Monday Night Raw rabbit hole, check out the first part here.



    Sharon Needles – CM Punk: Sharon Needles was too out there to win RuPaul’s Drag Race. CM Punk didn’t look like the prototype WWE superstar. It didn’t take long for both of them to prove all their detractors wrong, amassing a huge army of loyal fans in the process. And while both of them have BIG mouths, you can’t help but respect their willingness to speak truth to power. True superstars in their respective fields.


    Latrice Royale – Big Show: Two larger than life giants, both Latrice and the Big Show are also unexpectedly hilarious. But do NOT get on their bad sides! Trust us!


    Morgan McMichael – Dolph Zigglar: Young and talented, exciting and charismatic, both blonde bombshells are established stars in their industry but the feeling is there is more to come! Plus they haven’t gotten all they deserve just yet: Morgan should have been an All Star, Dolph should have been a World Champion. It is just a matter of time until those things both happen!


    Sonique – Darren Young: Groundbreaking on their respective shows, Sonique was the first Drag Race contestant to announce that she is transgender, while “Mr. No Days Off” Darren Young was the first active WWE superstar to announce that he was gay. Kudos to both of them for their bravery and willingness to be an inspiration to others!


    Sahara Davenport – Owen Hart: Both immensely talented, both taken from us far too soon. How they died is not nearly as important as how they lived and the lives that they touched.


    Alaska – Christian: Both of them spent the early part of their careers being very closely associated with their partners, Alaska with former boyfriend Sharon Needles and Christian with former tag team partner Edge. However, when the two of the had the chance to step out the shadows of their partner, Alaska by being on last season on Drag Race, Christian by becoming a singles wrestler, both of the passed the test with aplomb! Alaska became one of the finalist on Drag Race, narrowly losing out Jinkx Monsoon for the crown, while Christian eventually became the World Champion. No one can think of these two as second bananas any more, but rather as true stars in their own right!


    Yara Sofia – Rey Misterio: These two high flying Latin superstars are both pint-sized dynamos in their respective businesses. Colorful and flamboyant, these two prove that good things do come in small packages!


    Jade Jolie – Zach Ryder: Both more talented than they got to show, both way over with the fans, both had their runs cut short prematurely on their respective shows, leaving people wanting to see more from the two talented youngsters than we did. The ship might have sailed for Zach but we can hope that Jade makes the cut for All-Stars 2!


    Chad Michaels – The Undertaker: Okay, now stick with me on this one. I know the near seven foot dead man and the dead-ringer for Cher might not seem to have that much in common on the surface. But if you dig deeper you’ll see that they’re both highly respected veterans of their businesses with an incredible body of work. Plus even though both of them have been active for two plus decades, neither has rested on the laurels! And why is that? It’s the magic word kiddies. They are both one hundred percent, through and through PROFESSIONAL!


    Merle Ginsburg – Stephanie McMahon: Let’s face it. I’m sure they’re both very nice people in real life but when it comes to wrestling and Drag Race, nobody is happy when either one of them turn up on their TV screen.


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