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    Sidney’s Game Guide: 4/28/14


    Game of Thrones  – 


    I was trying to think of a good word to describe Game of Thrones tonight and I think that word would have to be: superb.

    The show decided, with seemingly great ease, to deliver the answer to who killed Joffrey. What’s great is that while the audience has the answer, the show knows the audience won’t feel complete until the characters all know too.

    It was nice to see a less than perfect side of Dany, in that her decision-making process might not be the best.

    Oh and also, how great was any scene Jamie was involved in? Notice how everything had such a golden glow…or was that just me? Also…Brienne’s face when Jamie told her good bye *SIDNEY GETS VERKLEMPT*

    In summation, “Oathkeeper”, has told us:

    “Seeing some of the Unsullied, unmasked, makes it a shame they can’t be sullied. Littlefinger, even when doing what’s right, still creepy. Grandmama Tyrell has no problem getting real Jersey, real quick. Margery needs to get laid. No T, no shade, but the new King has a serious case of gay face.  Someone send a raven to Betty of House Ford for Cersei. Cruelty to direwolves and cruelty to Hodors are equal levels of sad. Turns out the whitewalkers live in the fortress of solitude.”

    This episode continued the trend of solid storytelling. This season is putting the audience on a level of uneasy as to when the next landmine is about to go off. Tonight, I think we saw mines set, but who will trigger them and who will suffer as a result?

    Keep geek.


    P.S. Your friends who read the book, yeah, they gonna be talking bout stuff tomorrow, so just be cautious what you might overhear.



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