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    Sidney’s Game Guide: 5/19/2014


    Game of Thrones –

    This episode might have been my least favorite this season. Which ya know…is better than most TV show’s best.

    Tyrion continued his campaign for “Best Supporting Actor in a Drama” Emmy….oh and ya know…his freedom or whatever. How great was that scene with Oberyn and how sad was the scene with Bron? Bron leaving marks the second person that Tyrion has lost that has been with him since season one. First Shae, now Bron.

    Gotta give a special kind of praise to the costume designer of this show. The costumes have been on another level this season, especially this episode Everything that Dany wore today was flawless. It was just as fantastic as everything Daario didn’t wear.

    In summation, Mockingbird has told us,

    “Tyrion had bottled up some stuff. Jamie hates being told facts. The Arya/Hound storyline abruptly turned into ‘Life Philosophy 201.’ If it weren’t for Lysa Arryn, Selyse would be the craziest character on the show. We were ALL thinking how much Dany needed to get laid…and Jorah was, of course, be all Sulking McBummedOut when he found out. Did we really need a Jon moment in this episode considering it told us nothing new? Tonight on Brienne and Pod: Brienne and Pod have a calorie fest. Oberyn is perfect. Guys…Sansa seems ready to snap…her cousin’s neck. Oh…um…Selyse…guess you’re now the craziest character on the show.”

    Oh y’all, we got three more episodes left (with a week off next week, ugh) and this episode, while slower in the simmer, will most likely taste delicious with what’s coming next.

    Keep geek.


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