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    Sidney’s Game Guide: 6/02/14



    Game of Thrones –

    The Mountain and the Viper




    Oh quit yer boo-hooing! It’s “Game of Thrones,” shouldn’t we know by now that falling in love with a character is a terrible idea? That said…to quote the great Nancy Kerrigan…
    “WHYYYYYY?!!! WHYYYY??!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I need a minute, can we just cut to my theme song? I don’t have a theme song? Ugh, ok…let’s just get to it…I got a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to finish.

    Obviously the big story is the Trial by Combat and what that’s gonna mean for whatever is to come. Has Tyrion’s story always been building to this…whatever that is? That whole scene was fantastic fighting,with a brutal end that only “Game of Thrones” can do.

    The real MVP of this episode, for me, is everything that happened in Meereen.  The Grey Worm and Missandei moment was the most romantic thing that Game of Thrones has ever done. The Throne Room setting only added to that beauty. Juxtaposing that moment, was the heartbreaking scene with Ser Jorah. The way Daenerys sent him away, made me feel like The Mountain was punching me in the stomach. I may not be a fan of the Daenerys, but I do feel that Emilia Clarke makes the character much more compelling, more than her dragons ever will.

    In summation, The Mountain and the Viper, has told us:

    “If it weren’t for the Wildlings you know that “Master of the House’ was so about to happen. Shut up, Sam! Considering it’s the Night Watch, Jon Snow is super tan. Grey Worm…awwww. Seriously, how gorgeous is that Meereenese Throne room? This Daenerys scene is gonna look really good when played at the Emmy’s as they show clips of the nominees. Admit it, we all thought it was cute when Ramsey’s dad finally accepted him and then remembered Ramsey just flayed a bunch of guys. Whenever Baelish talks…you need a shower. Yaaasss Sansa…werrrrk!!! Arya’s reaction…perfect. Oh boy…that beetles anecdote went nowhere and took its fine ass time getting there. *Need Comfort FOOD HERE* Is episode 8 the new episode 9?”

    Alright folks…last two episodes…next week is all Wall and episode 9. Can it be Sunday already?!

    Keep geek.

    Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land. Follow Sidney on Twitter here.



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