Sidney vs The Week 9/29/14

August 29, 2014 Sidney Stokes 0

This week featured a lot at the start and at the end which means it’s anchored by some solid gold gems…more so on the earlier side..literally. It really did in fact…wake up like dis: Beyoncé […]

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Sidney vs The Week 8/22/14

August 22, 2014 Sidney Stokes 0

Well this week has just been a blast to be a part of. I mean…truly. Such nonsense from every angle. I think we’ll dive right in…or rather…have it poured directly on us. Celebrities Take Ice […]

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Sidney’s Blood Lust 9/18/14

August 18, 2014 Sidney Stokes 0

True Blood – Love is to Die I guess the penultimate episode was dedicated to reminding you that this show is a soap opera. The plot progressed but the situations were just blah. It’s a […]