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Drag Queens

Pandora Boxx is #Different

Chiffon Dior: Thank you for talking with me again Pandora! How have you been?

Pandora Boxx: You’re very welcome! I’ve been good. I’ve been back in LA for a bit.

CD: Let’s get right into it because I’m excited about this. In the past your music has been whimsical and fun but this sound is….well…..different. So let me ask you, why this song, why this message and why now?

PB: I made some songs about dicks and vaginas, but I wanted to something a little different. See how easily that word fits into conversations? Since Drag Race, even to this day, I constantly get messages from people who are so thankful that I spoke out about my difficulties growing up and how they related to it. I wanted to do a song that spoke to that, something that if I heard it growing up, it would have helped me immensely. But I also wanted it to be fun and dancey, not preachy.


CD: Drag queen aside, what about yourself do you feel is different?

PB: I always felt like an oddball growing up. I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I just felt so different than everyone else. People often get picked on for being different or not being this so-called normal. Once you get a bit older, you realize just how many people felt this way. It still continues when we are adults and certainly our culture remains ruthless: fat shaming, sexism, homophobia, religious discrimination. The list goes on and on. Why do so many people have such an adversity to things that are different from them? This song is a light-hearted F-U to all those people who can’t get past their prejudices.

CD: Your message in “Different” reminds me a bit of the mantra that Lady Gaga spreads to a certain degree. I know she is a bit of a polarizing figure but did you take any inspiration from her in this?

PB: I do love Lady Gaga but I feel like her image is now outweighing her music and she’s really talented! I find inspiration all around me but for me it was something that was inside me I wanted to get out. Some people online can be horribly cruel, especially when it’s anti-gay. This message is saying I’d rather be myself than be someone filled with such hate.

CD: I was lucky enough to see the video for “Different” a little early and I was blown away. Like I said to you at the time, it’s truly a stunning video to see. Obviously all of your looks in the video are fierce (especially the red one!) but actually quality of the video itself I think is the best looking video I’ve seen a queen do to date. Did you find a secret stash of cash and put it into this video?

PB: I used part of that stash to pay you to say that. But seriously, thank you! I’ve learned a lot from my limited music recording experience. I also learned more about what I wanted my sound to be. I met the guys from Mirrortone Studios through Sherry Vine and just immediately connected with them. Roman from Mirrortone ( knew exactly the sound I was going for and he nailed it! Rami Mikhail ( is the director and the same goes for him as well. I sent him some few video examples as well as the feel I wanted for it and of course the budget I was working with. He blew me away. When you get the right people behind you and you all click, you can make some amazing art.


Photo by Jose Guzman Colon

CD: Does this song signal a change for you musically or will we be back to songs about cooters and such before long?

PB: I’m really obsessed with K-Pop and really wanted something that sounds like it. I also really wanted to do one song for all the people, like me, who struggled or struggle with who they are. They shouldn’t. Be proud to be who you are! So while there will be no more songs about cooters, the follow up single to this one is about unicorns.

CD: The more songs about unicorns, the better for my money. Not to stray too far off topic but last weekend was Comic-Con out in San Diego. Have you ever been to Comic-Con? Was there any news that came out of there that piqued your interest? If you went to Comic-Con, who would dress up as?

PB: I have not! I would love to at some point. Although, there’s so many people and I get a little nervous around so many people. I’ve been wanting to do Black Cat or Rikku from FFX. I love Catwoman too and her Arkham City/Injustice look is pretty rad. It’d be hard to do but it would be great to do something no one has done or hasn’t done much. Are there a lot of Pippi Longstockings at Comic-Con? I was dying over the preview for The Walking Dead! Like why is Carol covered in blood hiding in the woods? And who is on that table getting carved up? And where the hell is Beth? Is she jumping down that elevator shaft? Oh! And the Wonder Woman outfit reveal?!? I love it!

CD: Way more Catwomen than Pippi Longstockings! Thank you so much for time yet again my dear. Good luck with the new song and hopefully we’ll talk to you again down the road.

PB: Thank you so much!  Always a pleasure!  Thanks to everyone for going to iTunes and buying my new song for only 99 cents!  That was just a guilt thank you. Ha!


Pandora’s new song, “Different” is available on iTunes here and on Amazon here!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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