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Scarlett Bobo is “Still F*@#ing Going”


So it seems like there is a new song being put out by a drag queen almost on a daily basis these days. Well, I guess that’s better than new songs by Paris Hilton. Seriously girl, just stop. So this latest tune is the brain child of Scarlett Bobo, a queen hailing from the Great White North….or more precisely, Toronto. I could ask her some deep, thoughtful question but it’s late and…well….vodka, so we’ll let her do the heavy lifting here.


“I started drag about six or seven years ago. I was underage and thought it would be a fun experiment. I met some amazing people, including my Drag mama and grandmama Tenora and Ginette BoBo. I moved to Toronto four and a half years ago and that’s when my drag career really started to take off. I perform circus acts like fire swallowing and aerial silks. I can be anywhere from a comedy queen to a fish queen. laughs I never take myself too seriously and now I’m getting into music with my new song!”

Before we go any further, go buy her song here. Seriously. Do it. We’ll wait for you.

image (3)


“So my single is called “Still F*@#ing Going” and features Toronto’s hairy mary, Allysin Chaynes. It’s a big, fierce, trashy party anthem. It’s all about getting your ass out of bed and throwing on your fiercest look and getting to that gig even though you feel like you’re gonna die doing it! It’s uplifting and fucked up at the same time. It’s as if Courtney Love and P!nk went to Pride and got gang banged by a bunch of gays!”

image (2)

Well there you go! If that doesn’t make you want to buy “Still F*@#ing Going” (available here!), I don’t know what will! This song is just the start for Scarlett, as she has an album coming out this fall! So keep an eye out for a full length interview with her coinciding with the launch and be sure to keep an eye on this rising talent!

Follow Scarlett on Twitter here and Instagram here!

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Scarlett Bobo is "Still F*@#ing Going" 3
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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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