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Sidney vs The Week 8/22/14

Well this week has just been a blast to be a part of. I mean…truly. Such nonsense from every angle. I think we’ll dive right in…or rather…have it poured directly on us.

Celebrities Take Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Charity –Big names in Hollywood raise money/Awareness for ALS as they dump water on themselves in drought ridden California.

Wanna donate but NOT be part of a one person wet t-shirt contest, click here.


Brock Lesnar wins WWE World Heavyweight championship – The former Ultimate Fighting Championship champion returned to the championship that made him a star to begin with. For staged combat…we’re still legit worried about John Cena.

Taylor Swift releases new song/video, called out for racism – I am no Taylor Swift fan but she isn’t racist, she was simply making a point about pop divas and women today…ya know…that point that Lily Allen made months ago…and much better.

Nicki Minaj releases her Anaconda upon the world – Same level of twerking and enjoyment as Taylor Swift’s video with none of the millennial white guilt.

Emma Stone to Join Alan Cumming in Cabaret on Broadway – TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY NOWWWWWW!!!!!

Champion of the Week goes to…BROOOOOOOOOOCK LESNAR!
Just kidding…the winner goes to Emma Stone because YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!! #OnceATheaterKidAlwaysATheaterKid

Disagree with me? Well tell me who shoulda won then…and if you’re Brock Lesnar…YOU CAN HAVE IT! PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!

Thanks for the week this week, week.

Keep geek.




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