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    WET N WILD’s #MoreKisses Campaign with FERGIE & the SUGAR DOLLZ!

    WET N WILD’s #MoreKisses Campaign with FERGIE & the SUGAR DOLLZ!

    It was a day about lips, kisses, sailors and FERGIE! So why not add a little sugar to the mix as well……SUGAR DOLLZ Cigarette Girls that is!

    Wet n Wild sponsored the event at their flagship Hollywood Walgreens store, while their brand ambassador Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas was on hand. A portion of the proceeds for the lipstick, THINK PINK, are going to the American Cancer Society. The SUGAR DOLLZ by Bling Divas Entertainment were booked to add some extra glamour to the event, as the 1940s pinup models showing off the gorgeous shade of lipstick on our own lips, as well as our trays!

    Back on August 14, 1945, there was a soon-to-be famous shot taken in Time Square of a nurse and a sailor kissing to celebrate the end of World War II. That photo is so iconic and instantly recognizeable around the world that on Thursday, August 14, 2014 – sixty nine years later to the day – at the Walgreens on Sunset and Vine, the kiss was re-created by one of our SUGAR DOLLZ dressed in a vintage nurse’s uniform and one VERY good-looking male model as the ‘sailor’!

    It was a wonderful way to bring awareness to the ACS and help raise money for a great cause. Hundreds of fans were also on site to help by purchasing the lipstick, and of course get a photo with the one-and-only Fergalicous! And she denied no one! Fergie is one class act and so giving to all of her fans! She stopped to take a ‘selfie’ with every single person!

    Upon seeing the Sugar Dollz, Fergie enthusiastically remembered us performing at her very own birthday party earlier in the year, at The Edison in downtown Los Angeles (The Bling Divas’ gals, known as THE EDDIES at the club, can be seen in their burlesque show every Saturday night!)! She even remarked how great we were and that she’d love to come see us again!

    Getting to work again with the Dutchess herself, made for a fun-filled day for us Sugar Dollz. And of course, being a part of an effort to help raise funds for cause that affects so many of us, we couldn’t have asked for a more poignant booking, all while at the same time, having another rendezvous with one of our favorite talented ladies!
    Here’s looking forward to number three…..wonder what it’ll be?!!!

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 11.00.11 PM

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